Rats Army Status Update: Ey

Rats Army is now about 3,000 feet up in the mountains and can wave to our Canadian Mountie friends.

Did you know? Chemicals made in a high-altitude can increase gains by over 9,000%?

Not really.

Jokes aside, our new location in Kalispell, MT is well underway. We’re about 2 weeks away from being able to fully operate out of it and really push our growth but more importantly, our efficiency & quality, to a whole new level.

As we get our assembly line (still operated by humans) running smoothly, we wanted to update everyone with all of the questions we’ve been getting via DM and email.

Here is a list of what we will cover:

  1. When’s the next sale?!
  2. Sour Apple flavors coming back?
  3. When are the new products coming?
  4. When’s S-4 coming?
  5. Getting Cabergoline soon?


We actually get more of these and on-repeat but this should cover the majority of our customer’s questions.

When is the Next Sale?!

We will be updating everyone with our next sale as soon as we get the tracking # for our labels. Our label printer experienced a problem with their cutter and the tech was taking days to respond to fix their machine. They’re up and running again and we should receive tracking notifications on 08-21-2020 which will allow us to anticipate a true date of the next sale.

We’re waiting for labels because we want all products and all flavors to be available. This is our only supply shortage currently.


Sour Apple Flavors Coming Back?

This one is easy. This correlates with the label shortage above.

When are the New Products Coming?

Raloxifene, Exemestane, Laxogenin, and the reappearance of S-4. All of our products have been sent off for their first HPLC test to determine an assay on each analyte. These were standard tests, not rushed, so the time to complete can take anywhere from 7-14 days.

The test is going to show the amount of analyte detected in the solution (AKA 50mg of S-4 per mL).

When’s S-4 Coming?

S-4 | Andarine | Increase Muscle Tissue | Joint Healing |

See the above question.


Getting Cabergoline Soon?


Cabergoline has a purchase order and is going to be available late September WITH finished HPLC tests.

Other Updates

We’re getting closer to the date of our supplier producing ACP-105 & LGD-3303. We expect this to land somewhere around the same time Caber comes back in-stock.

Payment Processing

A new payment method has joined our How to Pay page. You can easily pay with crypto which is easily bought with card! Our new Coinbase gateway allows our customers to create a free Coinbase account, buy the currency of their choice, automatically convert the amount of the order total to the cryptocurrency, and automate the process of ordering.

Among the new payment method is our pending credit card processing approval. We’ve found another company that is fighting to get us to start processing cards on-site and to hopefully be up and running by our next sale. We will keep you all posted on this change.


We’re slowly developing lasting relationships with new labs and suppliers to run a smoother machine here-on-out. The label, bottle, dropper, and all other impurities will be a thing of the past due to new machinery, tech, & project management.

We want to continue to thank all of our rats for their support and want to reassure you that it is never unnoticed. We have a big list of products planned for the fall including apparel, kits, & more.

Yours in experimentation,


Tyler | Head Rat