What is a Rat’s Army Affiliate and how do you become one?

A Rat’s Army affiliate is someone who is passionate about their research and wants the opportunity to earn by sharing Rat’s Army with other researchers. Approved affiliates will be given a discount code to use when discussing their research that entitles anyone who used that code a discount on all Rat’s Army products. 

Any time that affiliate code is used, the affiliate would receive commission in the form of a % of the total dollar amount of the resulting sale. 

Because Rat’s Army is only interested in affiliate relationships with serious researchers, you need to fill out an application for review by the RA staff. 

If you believe that you would make a good affiliate, please fill out the form below and we will review your application. The successful applicant will be informed within 2 business days on average. Please note that this is not a guaranteed turn time and it may take longer. 



Register a new affiliate account