Boxing Day Sale: BOGO 50% Off With An Extra Discount!

Boxing Day Sale: BOGO 50% Off With An Extra Discount!
Next Bogo 50% Off Sale is coming up on December 26th! One Day Only!


Our Next Sale Is Coming Up Soon!

Boxing Day Sale: BOGO With An Extra Discount! - Big Sale

Not even a month after our last big sale, we have another sale for all of our customers.
And yes, it is another BOGO sale! And this time even better: our product prices are reduced as well!
Be sure to have a look at our shop before this sale!


When Is This New Sale?

Boxing Day Sale: BOGO With An Extra Discount!

The new sale will be online during Boxing Day. Boxing Day was originated from the thought of giving gifts to the poor people so it’s their day to get the present and unbox them.
That’s why we at Rats Army also want to make sure this thought is kept alive!

So, that means our Boxing Day Sale is a BOGO 50% off sale with reduced prices only on December 26.
Make sure you already know which ‘herbal remedy’ products we carry because the sale will only be valid for 24 hours!

Slashed Prices?

Boxing Day Sale: BOGO With An Extra Discount!

All of our products will have discounted prices during this one day Boxing Day sale.
The discounted prices will only be visible on the day so be sure to check them out right away.
So we still keep this as a little secret so you will come to check out our shop for sure!


BOGO 50% Off Sale Mix ‘N MatchBlack Friday: BOGO Mix 'n Match!

This BOGO sale is a little bit different from our last BOGO sale!
If you buy one product, you get a second one at 50% off! So that means your second ‘herbal remedy’ is at half the price!
So for example, when you buy 2 bottles of MK-2866, the second bottle will only cost you $29.99! (without the slashed prices that will be available too during this sale)

And yes, you can still mix and match. So you can buy RAD140 and choose MK-677 as the second product. (which would be an excellent choice!)
This means you can stock up for 2021!


The Rules Of Our Boxing Day Sale:

  • You don’t need any code. The BOGO 50% off is automatically active
  • All products’ slashed prices are available too without any discount code
  • All products are included in our Boxing Day Sale
  • Just fill up your cart and enjoy
  • Don’t forget your affiliate’s code so you can give them a nice Christmas gift as well!

Don’t forget: all of our payment methods are operational. So you can pay by credit card, bank transfer, or cryptocurrency!
And as always we have free shipping on all domestic orders!

Don’t forget that all of our winter flavors are still available during this sale!
They will be gone soon, so be sure to stock up on them if you like these delicious flavors!


Short Recap

In a few days, our Boxing Day Sale will start!
On December 26th we have a BOGO 50% off sale with slashed prices on all of our products!
It’s a one day sale only so make sure you order on December 26th for the best ‘herbal remedies’ available!
No discount code(s) needed!




Rats Army wishes you a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year!
We wish you some solid research success in 2021!

Don’t forget to support your affiliates by using their code.

We just want to point out Rats Army is not taking any responsibility for amazing research results!
Happy researching!

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