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Memorial Day Sale!

Memorial Day Sale!

Memorial Day Sale! Memorial Day is coming soon so that’s a great day for another great sale! Our Next Sale Is Coming Up Soon! Not even a few weeks after our last big sale, we have another sale for all of our customers. And yes, this time it is a BOGO sale! Be sure to […]

Chlorophyll: A Natural Amazing Fat Burner

Chlorophyll: A New Natural Amazing Fat Burner What about this all-natural supplement that is an efficient fat burner?   What Is Chlorophyll? To start off, Chlorophyll is a pigment that gives plants their green color. Plants use Chlorophyll along with sunlight to get their nutrients. One of the primary ways of including Chlorophyll in the […]

More New Products Available Now!

More New Products Available Now!

More New Products Available Now! We have four all-new compounds available in our shop!   Yes, More New Products Are Coming Again! At Rats Army we keep looking for a broad product range for our researchers and their rats. So that’s why we just added new products to our store. Which New Products Are We […]

New Variants Sale!

New Variants Sale! Our new variants arrived on May 3th so we have a special sale on them! New Variants? Yes, we announced them some time ago and now they are finally here. As of May 3rd we have 2 new variants in every research compound available. The variants will be Elderberry and Strawberry Lemonade. […]

Farewell SERMs, AI’s and Tadalafil

Farewell my friends

Farewell SERMs, AI’s, and Tadalafil We are saying “goodbye” to these products for a very good reason. But we have one last really good opportunity for you!   A Farewell Is Never Nice Yes, we know “farewell” is never a nice thing to deal with. But in this case, we thought about it and we […]

Fast, Affordable, And Reliable Shipping

Fast, Affordable, And Reliable Shipping We are stopping our domestic free shipping but we have a good reason to do so!   The Bad News: No More Free Domestic Shipping We had so many issues with USPS that we can’t keep working with them. Yes USPS is cheap and gave us the opportunity to go […]

New Testing And New COA’s!

New Testing And New COA’s!

New testing and new COA’s! We improved our testing methods and have new COA’s for our products on the way! Why And What Do We Test Again? And What Is New? The main 3 reasons why we test our products are: Offer maximum safety for our researchers so it’s necessary to know what’s inside our […]