Certificate of Analysis – Update



We wanted to give you a very brief update.

We’re currently in the beginning stages of our 4th-quarter testing for all of our products.

All of our testing has been done through a specific company, who we won’t name here, and it’s time we broke from the monopoly–poor quality at that.

We’ve began a new relationship with a new lab and we’ve changed the way we’re testing. The old way, a basic COA with little data like the other guys’ post, doesn’t display the image we want to represent.

The new HPLC-Assays will show much more data, with a tighter standard deviation to give our customers greater insight as to not only the quality of the chemical but the dose per serving as well. You can find our MK-2866 has undergone one of these tests already here.

As the weeks go by, we will be rolling out the new tests and linking them into their respective product pages.

NOTE: S-4, Exemestane, Laxogenin, & Raloxifene are about to wrap their testing schedule up and will be out soon.

All of our inventory currently represents our leftovers from the previous batches. If you wish to see the previous batch COAs, please email info@rats.army.

Thank you all for your continued support.

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