Christmas With Rat’s Army!

Christmas With Rat’s Army! Two weeks of gifts and discounts in the Rat’s Army Christmas Sale!   Christmas With Rat's Army!  

Rat’s Army Is Having A Big Christmas Sale!

Christmas is the nicest time of the year with all kinds of gifts and presents under the Christmas tree. So at Rat’s Army, we also want to contribute to this lovely time of the year. We are having an incredible sale for two weeks for Christmas. A lot of gifts, special discounts, & special offers for our beloved researchers! Read all about it in this article!  

When Is This Christmas Sale?

Christmas With Rat's Army! We are starting next week on Monday. So put a reminder in your calendar on Monday, December 13th for the start of this big Christmas Sale. For two weeks the sale will be active. So the last day of the sale is Sunday, December 26th until midnight! That means you will have a lot of time to restock and to take a chance on several incredible extra gifts and presents!  

What Kind Of Sale Will It Be?

30% Discount Store-Wide

Christmas With Rat's Army!

This sale will include multiple deals. The most important one is that you get 30% off on all compounds store-wide. That means you will have an even bigger discount than with any affiliate’s code. The use of affiliate codes will not apply extra discounts on your order at checkout.

So that is already a great discount for two weeks long!  

Daily Christmas Giveaways

Each day we will be doing a giveaway from our Instagram, starting on December 13th. See our Christmas Page to view the presents! We plan on going live each day at 5 PM EST but the time may be adjusted. So make sure to follow our Instagram page for all the latest changes as well! The exception to this is Christmas Day. We will do the final Christmas giveaway on Monday, December 27th as we will be spending time with our families on December 25th and 26th. The Christmas Giveaways may consist of:

  • Shakespeare Shaker Bottles
  • Collapsible Tumbler
  • TENS Massage Unit
  • Essential Oil Diffuser with oils
  • Mugs w/ candy
  • Chocolate boxes
  • Women’s Adidas athletic bag
  • Rat’s Army Tees sizes L and XL
  • Limited Edition Starbucks cup with gift card
  • $50 VISA
  • $25 Amazon Card
  • Tiluza Wireless Charger 2-in-1 charging stand with Qi charging port
  • QUEST Cookie & Chip Boxes

Also, all Rat’sChristmas With Rat's Army! Army products, stacks, and customized stacks will be included with most prizes. The prize list is not finished and is subject to changes with additions. But in total, we are looking at around 30-40 different giveaway winners! The Giveaways will work on the website creating a new page for the Christmas Giveaway. Each day at 5 PM EST there will be a new gift on the page with extra info on how to be eligible for that gift. Gifts that have been won will be ‘out of stock’ and the new gift of the day will only be available. Like this, our beloved researchers can see which gift is available and which gifts are already won. When a winner opts out for any reason another participant will be given the opportunity to claim the price! So to win a daily Christmas Giveaway you will have to participate on the day the gift is available. You can only win a giveaway price when you did participate that day!


The Rules Of Our Christmas Sale:

  • You don’t need any code. The 30% discount is automatically active store-wide
  • Discount codes don’t apply with this deal (but they still support your affiliates)
  • All products are included in our sale
  • Just fill up your cart and enjoy
  • Don’t forget to select your affiliate in order to support them
  • To win a daily Christmas Giveaway you must participate on the day the giveaway is available. You can only win a giveaway from a day you did participate. 

Discount Codes Only Support Your Affiliate if you use the BOGO Sale offer.

Don’t forget to support your affiliate by picking their names at checkout. No other discount codes provide additional discounts on the BOGO deal.  

Short Recap

Rat’s Army is having a big Christmas Sale! The Christmas Sale will be live from December 13th until December 26th (midnight)! This means a 30% discount on all of our research compounds! We also have a daily Christmas Giveaway during the period of the Christmas Sale. Each day at 5 PM EST we will launch a new giveaway on our Instagram. You can only win a giveaway price when you did participate that day! You don’t need any discount code because the sale is automatically active. Don’t forget your favorite affiliate by picking their names at checkout! Remember: We also have free shipping on all US orders over $99 and on international orders over $199! NEWS FLASH Winter variants (Cinnamon Sizzl, Limeberry, and Sugar Cookie) are dropping on December 21st. Read all about them here!

Don’t forget: at Rat’s Army, you will find these products in the best quality around, at competitive pricing, and in multiple variants! Make sure you visit our shop soon to start your own research with these wonderful compounds!

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