Credit card payments are online again!

Online credit card payment

Credit card payments are online again!

Credit Card Payment


Great news: our credit card payments are online again!Credit cards - Credit card payments are online again!

It has been offline for some time and we were working to hard to get this fixed again.
Therefore, we are proud to announce that credit cards are once again accepted as payment method.
At this moment, we can only offer this to our U.S. customers, but we hope to get this fixed soon for all our customers worldwide!


Secure credit card payment online by emailOnline credit card payment by Authorize.net - Credit card payments are online again!

Our partner for the credit card payments is Authorize.net. They offer highly safe and secured processing of credit card payments.
You simply make your order and choose for the ‘pay by credit card invoice’ option and you will be able to make your payment.
In this way, your order information and personal information will be completly secured and anonymous to the outside world.

Now how does it work: step by step information

It’s really simple to pay by credit card for your orders.

  • You make your order in the shop like you would do otherwise
  • While checking out, you choose the ‘pay by credit card invoice’ option
  • You confim by clicking the ‘Place order’ button
  • You will see the order confirmation screen now with your order number
  • Email the order number at sales@rats.army to get the invoice
  • Finally, you open the invoice in your email and you simply complete the action in a secure way!

Screen of payment by Authorize.net Screen of payment by Authorize.net


Why only U.S. customers? And what if I don’t live in the U.S.A.?

Since we are starting up with this new platform, we first have to prove our credibilty to our bank. This normally takes up to 3 months.
Therefore, we hope we can get the credit card payment by invoice for all our customers worldwide up and running somewhere at the start of 2021!

We do have other options for our worldwide customers.
At first, we have our Transferwise.com solution for international wire bank transfers. This is a very secure and anonymous payment opton as well and normally only takes 2-3 days to complete the payment. You complete your payment with your normal bank account so you don’t need a credit card for this option.
Secondly, we still offer our Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies payments. This is very secure and anonymous as well and is easily done with your Coinbase wallet!

Logo of Transferwise - online wire bank transferLogo of Coinbase - cryptocurrency payment


We hope to get your orders in soon!
If you experience any problems, just contact us by email or socials!

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