Due to our growing customer base, check for your solution here before contacting customer support as this may be the quicker option.


How do I pay?

We currently have 3 options to pay: credit card (invoice), Transferwise (international bank transfer), and Coinbase. Please see our How to Pay page to get into the details of how to pay with each method.

Can I pay with {insert app}?

Most apps will not allow our business to take payments on their platforms any longer. We are solely focused on building our reputation with our banks and want to centralize all payments into our credit card and bank transfer methods.

What currency does your website use?

Our website is listed in USD, however, feel free to use our currency selector to change your currencies. Please note: when sending payments, please send from your currency to USD.

Do you guys offer discounts?

Absolutely! We offer an initial 20% discount with our code: FIRST20. After the use of this code, feel free to use any of our affiliate codes which you can find on our Instagram page @rats.army1.

My card was declined but I was charged. Why?
When our processor declines the card after your bank approves it, they automatically request that the bank reverse the authorization. Some banks hold the funds temporarily when that happens (which can look like a charge). The customer won’t end up getting billed, but it varies per bank when the funds will be returned to them. The industry average is seven days for credit cards and three days for debit cards.


What shipping services do you offer?

We offer two different shipping services. For all orders within the U.S. over $99, shipping is free and we offer UPS Ground for this. For all orders outside the U.S. over $199 dollars, UPS Worldwide Saver is free. Our other rates for UPS may very and are automatically calculated inside the Cart page or at Checkout.

UPS Worldwide Expedited & UPS Worldwide Saver take approximately 2-5 business days and on average costs $55-65 USD.

If you’re military or have a P.O. box, we’re currently setting our system up with Surepost to be able to send UPS parcels to these locations. For now, we use USPS Priority.

Do you ship to {insert place}?

Please see our full list of restricted countries we can’t ship to here.

Where do you ship from?

We ship from our facility located at 85 S Spring St, Mosheim, TN, 37818.

When will my package ship?

Despite our business growing rapidly, we still try to maintain 2-4 business days with order processing. If your order hasn’t shipped, give us an email at info@rats.army or call our reception +1 (406)-890-3945.

Will I receive tracking?

Your tracking number will arrive in your email automatically. Please make sure to check your spam/junk folders just in case you haven’t received anything after 4 days. From the email you have received, you may track your order with the link provided.

Do you have a Shipping and Returns policy?

Yes. Tap here to navigate to the policy.

What if my order is seized, damaged, lost, impure/altered, or stolen?

To specify the appropriate action for your concern, please visit our Shipping & Returns policy to see how your order qualifies for a refund, re-ship, or account credits.


Do you have third party lab reports for all products?

Yes. There is a link under each product description leading to the given purity test. 

What is my products shelf life?

In short, 16-20 months.

My liquid looks chunk, milky, thick, etc. Why?

We have a wonderful blog post about this very question AND how to fix it. Read about it here.

My label is different than the website's. Why?

All website images are constantly being updated to correlate with our product updates, like dose changes. If your label reflects a different dose or serving size, please contact us to verify which batch your bottle was in and how to effectively administer it for experimental use.

What doses should I use on my lab rat?

We need to know more information about your research to give you advise on dosing. Please DM us on Instagram (@rats.army1) or call us at +14068908798.


Why didn't I get an email confirmation?

More often than not our emails land in your spam/junk folder. In case they’re nowhere to be found, please email info@rats.army or give us a call at +1 (406) 890-3945 and we can send it again.

How can I change, modify, cancel, or hold my order?

You have 24 hours to change, modify, cancel, or hold your order. After this 24-hour period, we will not accommodate to requests. Please email info@rats.army for any changes or feel free to call us at 423-202-1030.

Why didn't I receive my item(s)?

Our business is 100% ran by humans and sometimes there are errors. We work hard to fix and improve daily but we do make mistakes. We quickly want to resolve these mistakes so please email us at info@rats.army so we can find a resolution quickly.

What if I put in the wrong billing or shipping address?

It doesn’t matter what the billing address says, only the shipping. We want to fix this quickly before your order goes out. Please call us at +1 (423) 202-1030 or email us at info@rats.army to change it quickly.

How do I return my order if it's unopened or I'm unsatisfied?

First, see our Shipping & Returns policy as you may qualify for a refund, account credit, or product change. Please email info@rats.army and you will be forwarded to our Fulfillment Supervisor.

My order was seized. What now?

To confirm an order was actually seized, we will need to see the border authorities mailed letter. Simply take an image and attach it in the email you send to sales@rats.army.

In the case it actually was seized, we have a few options:

  1. Re-ship your order (we can make adjustments)
  2. Refund your order in full
  3. Provide store credit for a future order

Simply email sales@rats.army when this occurs and we will provide one of the following solutions.

Please note, an ad hoc check, repeated clearance processing, or items still in-transit do not mean your order has been seized.


How do I become an affiliate?

Please sign up on our Affiliate Page and your application will be on hold until one of our team members reviews it.

Why can't I login to my account?

It’s likely when you created an account you didn’t set a password for it. If this is the case, or you forgot your password, you can email info@rats.army and they will get access to your account once again.

How do I check on my order?

Please login to your account to view your previous orders as well as your current order status.