Farewell my friends!

Farewell my friends

Farewell, my friends!

Farewell my friends

What? Is Rat’s Army Out of Business?

No, we are certainly not!
We are flourishing as never before because of your support for our business!
But we have to say goodbye to one of our great adversaries… We also have seen the news that Proven Peptides is ceasing operations immediately…


Proven Peptides: Who Are They Again?

Proven Peptides packaging

Proven Peptides is one of the bigger players of this market and one of the more trustworthy. They guarantee great quality, fast shipping, and good customer service.
They might be a bit more pricey than other vendors, but we can’t say anything about that, can we?
Proven Peptides also test every batch properly, just like we do here at Rats Army, so, they have a lot of 3rd party tests available.
Furthermore, Proven Peptides was one of the longtime players in this business.

What Does This Mean for the SARM Business? And For Other Research Chemicals?

Proven Peptides: Closing ReasonFarewell my friends

Proven Peptides’ main reason to stop their business is the fact that SARMs are being reclassified by the FDA as controlled substances (see the Tailormade Compounding conviction news) and pharmaceutical companies like Viking Therapeutics are dishing out cease and desist letters left and right.
Futhermore, they also say that SARM production in China is prohibited.
So it will become impossible to get SARMs and even if they get them, it will be prohibited to sell them in the US.

Poven Peptides website banner

Proven Peptides FB message


So Are All Companies Facing This Future?

We’ll give a few examples of what is happening these last months. We’re not trying to give you guys extra worries, but we don’t want to minimize the problem as well:

  • Cease and desist letters going out to Chemyo
  • Recent lawsuit with Tailormade Compounding LLC in Kentucky
  • SARMs raw materials becoming more scarce for manufacturers
  • More countries like Australia cracking down on Androgens and Anabolics

And these are only the ones we know. So there might be more and more to come.

What About These SARMs Bans?

China Ban

China SARMs ban

A result of trade agreement/wars between USA & China the SARMs ban was confirmed on November 18, 2019.
China introduced new regulations prohibiting the production and export of SARM products. The regulations will enter into force on January 1, 2020.
In practice, this means that no SARMs will be exported outside of China.
China was at that timer currently the only source producing Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators on such a large scale.
As a result of this, other new compounds, that are not classified as SARMs (yet), are coming in (like RAD-150) and other countries, like India, are becoming the new raw materials players.



I’s already the second time there is an act to ban SARMs from the USA. There are two senators behind this act. The main goal is to classify SARMs as synthetic drugs, so controlled substances. Therefore, it wouldn’t be possible to buy, sell, import or research them anymore.
It’s been said that this ban has more to do with lobbying from the medical world pushing for this than a real health concern by these senators.
Chances are as well still very likely that the act won’t pass so the USA ban won’t be activated for the second time in a row.


Should We Really Be Worried?

Whats Next?

Yes and no! (watch this video!)
There is a big chance nothing will change and that everything will go on like before but…
The problem is that this market is getting more attention as we speak. Research chemicals are always a bit of a harder part in society. Should we allow them or not…

The more attention they get, the more politicians see their moment to make a political profit with acts against these compounds.
As well, the China ban did have an effect and if raw materials stay scarce, it’s harder to find good trustworthy sources at good prices.
So, for all researchers, this means prices can go up and you have to research even more to find a good source.

It’s good that you are already at Rat’s Army, so you are certain you have top-quality products to start your research with!

13 thoughts on “Farewell my friends!

  1. Darryl W Mayfield says:

    I spent almost 400 recently which they took and never received product. Now I am unable to reach them

    • Tyler says:


      Odd. We can’t even locate your order in the system or user ID. Give us a call at 406-890-3945 so we can look into this for ya!

  2. Francisco says:

    I spent 150$ just a few weeks ago..then two weeks go by and now they are closed. I got an email saying a USPS label has been created but it’s been almost a month please help.

  3. Brett schaaf says:

    I’m thinking of getting some more sarms but I like proven peptides how is rats army do they actually send your stuff out their advertisements are missing from my Instagram now

  4. Patrick J McDonald says:

    You guys used to be my go too for 4 andro but since u chopped it down to 75mg a ml compared to the 150 before, it’s just a rip off like all the other 4 andro out there. Ya lost a customer. Used to buy that stuff in bulk too. Sad.

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