Fast, Affordable, And Reliable Shipping

Fast, Affordable, And Reliable Shipping
We are stopping our domestic free shipping but we have a good reason to do so!


Fast, Affordable, And Reliable Shipping

The Bad News: No More Free Domestic Shipping

Fast, Affordable, And Reliable Shipping

We had so many issues with USPS that we can’t keep working with them.
Yes USPS is cheap and gave us the opportunity to go for free domestic shipping.
But, all customers were complaining about shipping times, handling of packages, etc…
We once did a small survey where our customers stated they wouldn’t mind paying a small fee for shipping if that means shipping is fast and reliable.

Also, all shipping carriers are raising their shipping prices.
This pandemic showed all carriers that when volumes go up, they have to make adjustments to their business as well.
That’s why they have to raise their prices.

So even slow and unreliable USPS would cost us and you guys more.
It was not possible to keep shipping anyways free in these times…
But we can assure you that things will get better in terms of our deliveries!

The Good News!

Fast And Reliable Shipping

We are switching over to a new partner for our domestic shipping: SurePost.
They assure fast and reliable shipping. They use the super-fast UPS network instead of the slow USPS network.
So think about next-day delivery with great customer service and package handling.

Surepost also gives you tracking of your packages. So you can check anytime where your package is.
Also, they include Saturday deliveries at your home or PO box.


Still The Same Top Quality Products

Our products won’t change of course.
We keep producing the best quality research chemicals available on the market.
And of course, with our homemade flavoring!

By changing our delivery partner we want to assure that our shipping will meet the quality of our products as well.
So the goal is: top products with top customer service and fast and reliable deliveries

It’s A Very Small Extra Cost (But For A Lot Better Shipping Process)

Fast, Affordable, And Reliable Shipping

Yes we know, it’s not for free anymore.
The good thing about Surepost is that the fees are a lot cheaper than any other shipping carrier!
So you will always have a big discount on your shipping fee that still is less expensive than any other shipping fee.

And since our products are small and lightweight, so are our packages.
Surepost makes sure they give us excellent pricing on shipping together with excellent service and fast delivery.
So you can think in terms of a shipping cost of $10 even for your bigger orders.

So in the end it will be a small extra cost for a fast and reliable shipping process.


In A Nutshell

Yes, it is the end of free domestic shipping for now.
Times have changed, carriers got more expensive.

But we can promise you it won’t be a big extra cost and even more important: you will never have to complain again about slow shipping or bad package handling!
You will be sure your package is in a fast and reliable network. So it will be at your place soon and it won’t get lost anymore!

So for a small price, life will get better!


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