Dear fellow rat,

This page will explain how to pay for your products using a variety of safe methods that don’t compromise your information AND are very efficient.

Please read this page in it’s entirety.

What Is Our Main Method of Payment?

Credit Card Processing – Invoice by Email (U.S. Customers Only)



We now accept credit cards through our gateway provided by Unfortunately, this is only available for U.S. customers only as our merchant account hasn’t been approved to approve international card transactions, yet. We’re working on that!


If you’re a U.S. customer:

  1. Make an order and checkout using our Pay by credit card invoice
  2. Email to send you the invoice for your order #
  3. Open the invoice in your email and complete the transaction
  4. Allow up to 24 hours for our sales team to review the payment and move your order to “processing” status (International Customers Only)

If you’re an international customer:

Please create an account on and then please email for the transfer details.

Please note, we only accept USD, so, if you’re from Australia, for example, you would be sending from an AUD account to an USD account.