Shipping To Australia - A New Partner

International Sources

Restricted Countries

For compliance reasons, we’ve halted shipments in a few new countries recently: Australia, Italy, Canada, & Spain to name a few. While laws are ever-changing, we still plan to provide quality sources for our customers.

Below, you’ll find a list of sources we trust and/or are partnered with in this endeavor of promoting research chemical use to all rats.


Reaper Labz

A manufacturing account of ours located in the U.S. Reaper is the same quality as Rats Army and is just as trusted. Reaper Labz will go to great lengths to ensure your product makes it to your door. is our Australian partner and while we don’t directly manufacture with them, we are partnered with them and share the same sources of all of our chemicals, solvents, reagents, and more. You can count on the same quality as Rats Army from

Canada & EU

Reaper Labz

Reaper is currently our only account that ships to all countries. While is a great option for Australian-only situations, they only are a domestic option.