LGD 4033 Results: A 12-Week Transformation Log

Embarking on a journey with LGD 4033 (Ligandrol) can be transformative, especially when aiming for significant gains in muscle mass and strength.

This 12-week log details our personal experience with LGD 4033 results, providing insights and real results from before and after the cycle.

lgd 4033 results 12 week log

LGD 4033 Results Log

Week 1-2: Initial Impressions and Adaptation

  • Dosage: Started with a conservative 2.5 mg/day, based on the LGD 4033 Dosage guidelines to minimize potential side effects.
  • Training: Maintained regular lifting sessions, focusing on compound movements like squats, deadlifts, and bench presses.
  • Diet: Increased caloric intake to 2700 kcal/day to support mass gain.
  • Results: Experienced an immediate improvement in workout intensity and muscle fullness. Minor fatigue noted in the first few days but quickly subsided.

Changes in physique:

  • Muscle fullness and slight increase in vascularity observed.
  • No significant water retention or discomfort reported.

Week 3-4: Strength and Stamina Surge

  • Progression: Remarkable increase in lifting capabilities. Bench press and deadlifts increased by approximately 5-10 lbs.
  • Body Composition: Gained 4 lbs with minimal fat gain, maintaining a steady body fat percentage.
  • Well-being: Enhanced libido and overall well-being noted during this phase.

Visual Transformation:

  • Noticeable muscle definition, especially in upper body.
  • Enhanced pump and vascularity post-workout.

Week 5-6: Consistency and Further Gains

  • Endurance: Sustained energy levels throughout workouts, allowing for longer and more intense sessions.
  • Muscle Gain: Additional 3 lbs gained, predominantly lean muscle as per visual assessment and caloric tracking.
  • Side Effects: No signs of suppression or adverse health impacts observed.

Physique Updates:

  • Further widening of shoulders and thickening of back muscles.
  • Consistent muscle hardness and density.

Week 7-8: Evaluation and Mild Challenges

  • Libido Fluctuations: Slight decrease in libido, likely indicating mild suppression, manageable without PCT.
  • Strength Plateaus: Breaking past previous plateaus, especially in squats and overhead press.
  • Adaptation: Adjustments in diet and hydration to optimize performance and muscle gains.

Physical Changes:

  • Slight increase in body fat by 0.5%, still within lean mass gain expectations.
  • Continued muscular enlargement and definition enhancement.

Week 9-12: Peaking and Wrapping Up

  • Final Gains: Total of 8 lbs of muscle gained over the cycle, with strength peaking in all major lifts.
  • Assessment: Conducted thorough post-cycle analysis to ensure health parameters were within safe ranges.
  • Recovery: Normalization of libido and other physiological markers post-cycle.

Before and After Comparison:

  • Substantial improvement in muscle mass and overall physique.
  • Enhanced definition and muscle quality.

lgd 4033 results in 12 weeks

LGD 4033 Summary Table
WeeksKey AchievementsChallenges
1-2Increased workout intensity, muscle fullnessMinor initial fatigue
3-4Strength increase, 4 lbs muscle gainNone
5-6Consistent energy, 3 lbs muscle gainNo suppression observed
7-8Breaking strength plateausMild libido fluctuations
9-12Total 8 lbs muscle gain, peak strengthPreparation for PCT

Conclusion: The Ligandrol Effect

LGD 4033 is a potent SARM that has delivered significant enhancements in muscle mass and physical strength over a 12-week cycle. Adhering to recommended dosages, maintaining a structured diet, and systematic training have been pivotal in achieving these results.

For those considering LGD 4033, it is crucial to read extensively on the compound, including detailed guides like SARMS 101 and LGD 4033 specific details, to ensure a safe and effective cycle. Always consider a comprehensive PCT protocol to maintain gains and health post-cycle.

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