MK-2866 Going To Phase 3 – Update

MK-2866: FDA Fast Track Designation Approved!

MK-2866 Going To Phase 3 – Update
An update on the Phase 3 trial for MK-2866 (or Enobosarm or Ostarine)!

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Phase 3 for Ostarine?

MK-2866 Going To Phase 3 - Update

If you missed out on our previous news flash: you can read all about it here!
Well in short: the most researched SARM is going to the final testing phase to determine whether it is safe to use for humans!

Enobosarm (Ostarine or MK-2866) was picked up by Veru.
They are well known for innovative research and they applied for Phase 3 testing on Ostarine.


So What Does It Mean?

This means that MK-2866 is in the last pathway to get approved by the FDA for human use.
Most clinical studies in phase 3 take 2 years to be complete.
So it’s not for tomorrow, but maybe in a few years MK-2866 will not be a research compound anymore but an approved medicine.



MK-2866 Going To Phase 3!

Like we said before: we are on top of every update about this research phase.
We will follow these developments thoroughly and keep you up to date about future results!

So here we can give you a short update about Phase 3 for Ostarine.


The goal is to determine whether Ostarine is safe for human use.
Another goal is to study if Ostarine might be a better way to treat some diseases than other methods around.
In particular, there is a lot of interest in Ostarine for its effect on the androgen receptors as a possible post-breast cancer treatment.
Phase 2 already gave some good results so now Veru started Phase 3 in October 2021.

Research Length

This will be a very detailed phase to determine safety and efficacy.
Therefore, the endpoint of the research Phase will be the end of April 2023.


The Details

MK-2866 Going To Phase 3 - Update

The ARTEST trial is an open-label randomized, active control pivotal study that will enroll approximately 210 adult patients across 49 sites in the United States and Europe.

Patients will be randomized 1:1 to either the enobosarm treatment group or the control treatment group.
The patients in the enobosarm group will be treated with 9 mg of oral enobosarm daily until disease progression or unacceptable AEs are observed.
The control group will receive an ER-targeted therapy of the investigator’s choice, limited to exemestane monotherapy, exemestane plus everolimus (Afinitor), or a selective ER modulator.

The primary goal is efficacy, secondary safety.
The hope is that this trial will help to develop a new novel endocrine therapy for our patients that will help effectively treat their cancers and delay the time to transition to chemotherapy.

You can read even more about this here and here.

Short Recap

Ostarine Phase 3 trials have now really started.
All the details are published now. The main goal of the research is efficacy in post-breast cancer treatment (and effect on androgen receptors) as well as safety for human use.
We can expect the results at the end of April 2023!

We will follow these developments thoroughly and keep you up to date about future results!


As an extra for our Knowledge Vault, we will do more news flashes regarding all of our research compounds.
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