MK-2866 Going To Phase 3!

MK-2866 Going To Phase 3!

MK-2866 Going To Phase 3!
Ostarine is moving to clinical trials phase 3!

MK-2866 Going To Phase 3!

Wait? What?

MK-2866 Going To Phase 3!

Yes, you are hearing this right.
One of our most beloved research compounds is getting an extra push in getting approved for human use!

MK-2866 (Ostarine) is one of the most researched SARMs already and did undergo a lot of clinical trials upon to phase 2.
But now, a well-known pharma company is putting extra research into it.


Enobosarm By Veru

MK-2866 Going To Phase 3!

Veru is a big pharmaceutical company with some specific and progressive meds.
Therefore they do dare to take some well-thought-out risks towards the future.
They are picking up the research for Enobosarm (MK-2866 or Ostarine) and have applied for a clinical trial phase 3 at the FDA!


So What Is The Buzz About?


Well the FDA already agreed in October 2020 that further research for MK-2866 was allowed.
The FDA gave the permission to start-up phase 3 clinical trials for Ostarine!

Now Veru announced that they will start this phase 3 clinical trial.
They believe in the potential of Ostarine for many aspects of human life.

Veru is now recruiting test subjects to start up this clinical trial phase 3!
Upon announcing this trial the Veru stocks already went up sky high.
So a lot of people are very interested in these future developments.


What Does This Mean For MK-2866?

This means that MK-2866 is in the last pathway to get approved by the FDA for human use.
Most clinical studies in phase 3 take 2 years to be complete.
So it’s not for tomorrow, but maybe in a few years MK-2866 will not be a research compound anymore but an approved medicine.

We will follow these developments thoroughly and keep you up to date about future results!

As an extra for our Knowledge Vault we will do more news flashes regarding all of our research compounds.
So you always can find all the latest info about these compounds here!

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