New BOGO Sale!

New BOGO Sale!
We have a new “Buy One Get One Free” Sale soon!

New BOGO Sale!

Our Next Sale Is Coming Up Soon!


It has been a while since we had a sale, so it is time for a new sale to retock on research products!
And yes, it will be a real BOGO sale!
Be sure to have a look at our shop before this sale!

What Kind Of Sale This Time?

Our sale will be a very simple: “Buy One Get One Free” sale.
Of course, you can mix and match and choose out of all our products!

So if you buy one product, you get a second one for free!
That means you will get 2 research chemicals for the price of one!
So for example, when you buy 2 bottles of MK-2866, the second bottle is all free!

And yes, you can still mix and match. So you can buy RAD140 and choose MK-677 as the second product. (which would be an excellent choice!)
This means you can stock up again!


When Is This New Sale?

New BOGO Sale!

The new sale will start on August 9th!
We want to give you enough time to restock so the sale will last until August 13th!
So you will have about one week to stock up on your research compounds at even better prices than usual!


The Rules Of Our BOGO Sale:

New BOGO Sale!

  • You don’t need any code. The Buy One Get One Free is automatically active
  • Discount codes don’t apply with this deal (but they still support your affiliates)
  • All products are included in our sale
  • Just fill up your cart and enjoy
  • Don’t forget to select your affiliate in order to support them

Discount Codes Only Support Your Affiliate if you use the BOGO Sale offer.

Don’t forget to support your affiliate by picking their names at checkout. No other discount codes provide additional discounts on the BOGO deal.


A small service update: one of our trucks broke down during our move so that’s why our sale starts a few days later.

This unforeseen event also causes a few days delay to restart our order fulfillment. Starting from Friday July 29th our orders are going out of the door again.

We are really sorry for this unforseen event and will make up with this great BOGO!


Short Recap

So from Monday August 9th until Friday August 13th we will have a new real BOGO Sale!
This means you get a week to restock on all of our products!

The sale will be a Buy One Get One Free sale.
And yes, you can mix and match!

You don’t need any discount code because the sale is automatically active.
Don’t forget your favorite affiliate by picking their names at checkout!

2 thoughts on “New BOGO Sale!

  1. LeftyBC says:

    Hey guys, I was hoping to purchase the new SR-9011 during the next BOGO sale and now the sale is here but the SR is not available yet. Will you be offering some sort of “welcome to the market” discount on the SR-9011 once it becomes available?

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