New Dosages: More Mg/Ml For Some Products!

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New Dosages: More Mg/Ml For Some Products!
Our MK-677, MK-2866 and Tadalafil will be dosed higher starting from January 18th!

New Dosages: More Mg/Ml For Some Products! - MK-677 New Dosages: More Mg/Ml For Some Products! - MK-2866


New Dosages On Some Of Our Popular Products

Starting on January 18th we will not only add some new products to our shop, but we will as well change some of the dosages of our products.
Of course, this change will mean that our products will be dosed higher.
As well, you will get more mg per dollar!

Why The New Dosages?

Why do we up our dosages of some products: because of the research requests we are getting!
We will always strive to be a company that listens to its customers. We are adjusting these dosages because of the empirical data we are getting from our rats along with other fair suggestions of our customers.

Of course Rats Army tries to offer the best products around so we do listen to you guys!
We will always make a tradeoff between what our customers want for their research and what is safe!
Safety is the most important thing for us. But if we can change a chemical in a safe way, keep the quality perfect and do it in a fair way in regards to the price, we will do it for the sake of our researchers and their rats!


Which Products Are Getting New Dosages

As we said before in this article, we are changing to dosages of some of our compounds.
You will find the compounds along with a little explanation of why we are changing them here:

MK-677 (20mg/ml → 30mg/ml)

New Dosages: More Mg/Ml For Some Products! - MK-677

For MK-677 the price of raw materials went up, but still, we manage to find the right balance to make our product meet the requests of our researchers and still at a good price.
This means the price for a bottle of MK-677 will go up a little bit to $61.99 but dosing will go up more!
New bottles will contain 30mg/ml, so that means the total dosage of MK-677 will be 900mg per bottle instead of 600mg.

So that means 300mg of MK-677 more to research with for only $2 more!
In conclusion, you can’t really call that a price increase!


MK-2866 (20mg/ml → 25mg/ml)

New Dosages: More Mg/Ml For Some Products! - MK-2866

Since pricing for the raw materials for this compound has gone down, we can up the dosage of this compound for our beloved rats.
The dosage will go up to 25 mg/ml, so that’s still a very safe amount.
And the best part is, the price per bottle stays exactly the same.

So for one bottle, you will get 750mg of MK-2866 instead of 600mg!
that means more research with one bottle or a stronger research dosage for your rat with the same bottle!


Tadalafil (5mg/ml → 10mg/ml)

Our Tadalafil didn’t always get the reviews we wanted. So we took our time to listen to our researchers.
And yes, it is true: the price for raw materials for this compound is very low.
The fact that we offer it as a liquid for better absorption makes it more costly to produce as a capsule or tablet…
But fair is fair and we wanted to do something for our researchers: so we are doubling the dose AND we are lowering the price.

New bottles of Tadalafil will hold 10mg/ml instead of 5mg/ml.
So that means you will have 300mg of Tadalafil per bottle instead of 150mg! That means double the research for a lower price!
The new price for a bottle of Tadalafil will only be $34.99 instead of $41.98!


Short Recap

Dosages of MK-677, MK-2866, and Tadalafil are going up!
So you are getting more compound per buck!

The new dosages will be available in all flavors and at the same great quality.
Remember: we do this to match the needs of all our researchers!
Our goal is still safety, quality, great pricing, and successful research… And this continues in 2021!


New Dosages: More Mg/Ml For Some Products! - MK-677 New Dosages: More Mg/Ml For Some Products! - MK-2866


Rats Army wishes you even more research success with these new dosages!
Make sure you visit our shop soon to discover our new products and our adjusted dosages for MK-677, MK-2866, and Tadalafil!

Fyi: the lab tests for our new products (DMAA and Yohimbine HCL) are available now!

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  1. jason.bevill says:

    The move on the Tadalifil was a very intelligent choice as it makes your brand’s variant of it much more competitive with other UGL’s prices. I appreciate seeing you take your feedback in a meaningful way while also expanding your product line!

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