New Product: SR-9011

New Product: SR-9011
We are adding another new product to our research compounds available in our store!


No SARM But A Rev-ErbA agonist?

Rev-Erb alpha (Rev-Erbɑ), also known as nuclear receptor subfamily 1 group D member 1 (NR1D1), is one of two Rev-Erb proteins in the nuclear receptor (NR) family of intracellular transcription factors.
In humans, REV-ERBɑ is encoded by the NR1D1 gene, which is highly conserved across animal species.

Rev-Erbɑ plays an important role in the regulation of the core circadian clock through repression of the positive clock element Bmal1. It also regulates several physiological processes under circadian control, including metabolic and immune pathways.
Rev-Erbɑ mRNA demonstrates circadian oscillation in its expression, and it is highly expressed in mammals in the brain and metabolic tissues such as skeletal muscle, adipose tissue, and liver.

To explain it in a simple way: a Rev-Erbɑ agonist stimulates the processes of Rev-Erba so it has a lot of interesting benefits.
It will regulate circadian rhythm better and more efficiently, it will promote mitochondrial function and fat-burning abilities, and much more.



What Is SR-9011?

New Product: SR-9011

SR-9011 is a Rev-Erba agonist as we mentioned above.
It is the big brother of SR9009.
GW501516 and GW0742 are in the same class of research compounds too since they are Rev-Erba agonists as well.

SR-9011 is a second-generation activator of the Rev-ErbA receptors which are found abundantly in the liver, skeletal muscle, fat tissue, and the brain, where they function to promote normal development and circadian regulation of these tissues.
It was invented by Professor Burris, who also invented SR9009.

How Does SR-9011 Work?

New Product: SR-9011

Similar to Cardarine (GW-501516), SR9011 is a Rev-ErbA agonist, which means it works by binding to Rev-ErbA receptors in the body.
When stimulating these receptors, this results in an increase of energy expenditure and weight loss.
Due to its relatively short half-life, SR9011 begins working shortly after ingestion, by rapidly seeking out these receptors throughout your body.
From here, it signals your body to do a number of things, changing the way it utilizes energy stores, increasing endurance, and accelerating fat loss.

SR-9011 works immediately so you will notice research results from day one of your research.
There is no ‘loading’ period involved.

The part that makes SR-9011 better than little brother SR9009 is that it has better bioavailability when administering it orally.


Benefits Of SR-9011

New Product: SR-9011

SR-9011 has a lot of benefits as seen above.
As a potent activator of Rev‑ErbA, SR-9011 is an exciting molecule that has been the subject of numerous high-impact studies investigating its potential role in reducing body fat, normalizing blood lipids and sugars, increasing oxygen consumption and mitochondrial function in skeletal muscle.
Most excitingly, it moves forward in trials as an anticancer agent for the therapy of breast, brain, and gastric tumors.

The most important benefits*:

So you see that SR-9011 is a great auxiliary for any type of research.
You can even use it stand alone for specific research.

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*benefits have not been reviewed by the Food and Drugs Administration and are summarized from clinical trials.

Side Effects of SR-9011

Most of the Rev-Erba agonists do not come with a lot of side effects.
Because of the increased energy, the most common side effect is a state of increased wakefulness. So it can give a bit of trouble to sleep well.

But that is the only possible side effect from SR-9011.


Short Recap

SR-9011 will be available soon in our shop.
This Rev-Erba agonist is an extremely interesting compound since it comes with only benefits and no side effects.
It will not only help in improving cardiovascular output, accelerating fat loss, and controlling lipid panel…
It will possibly protect you from all kinds of aging-associated diseases.


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  1. Georgeeanna Castro says:

    This compound looks very promising.
    Will an email alert be sent out when it becomes available ??
    Hate to miss an opportunity.
    Thank you. Have a great day

      • P says:

        Is the sr9011 cream you also will be releasing expected to have better bioavailability than the liquid? I don’t know if you’re allowed to disclose this but was it mixed in a way to help improve sr9011’s inherently low bioavailability

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