New Testing And New COA’s!

New Testing And New COA’s!

New testing and new COA’s!
We improved our testing methods and have new COA’s for our products on the way!

New Testing And New COA’s!

Why And What Do We Test Again? And What Is New?

Testing of liquid products - Testing en COA’s: what about that?

The main 3 reasons why we test our products are:

  • Offer maximum safety for our researchers so it’s necessary to know what’s inside our products.
  • Make sure our product is well dosed and perfect for research purposes.
  • Guarantee our products are of the best purity we can achieve.

Identifying Chemicals and Compounds

New Testing And New COA’s!

There are a lot of methods to identify what chemical or compound is in a product.
We can achieve this with basic tests like heating or freezing for simple compounds.
To clarify, when we look at our specific products we need proper tests for identification and analysis.
In particular, the most common tests for this range of products are spectroscopy and chromatography.

But What About the Dosages in our Products

When we have identified our compounds in the product we can now check for how much of it is in our solutions. This can be done within the same test in case of some testing procedures.
For example, when we run an HPLC (High-performance liquid chromatography) we are able to identify a compound. In addition, we know exactly how much of the compound is in this solution.

With these tests, we are sure that our products are all dosed properly.


What Is New In Our Tests?

New Testing And New COA’s!

We added an extra test to the test we were already running.
The test we added is a purity test: in this way we want to guarantee our product is the purest you can find on the market.

When we are sure about the purity of the compounds in our products, we can as well guarantee that we have the most potent products around.
Because we dose our products properly and they hold only the purest compounds.


You can also still read our previous article about testing compounds if you are interested in extra-scientific info about these ways of testing products.


New COA’s?

What Was A COA Again?

New Testing And New COA’s!

COA (Certificate of Analysis) is an important document provided with a range of manufactured products like for instance chemicals.
It reports on the quality assessment of the production lot. It ensures that the released product meets the desired quality standards.
Most of the biologics are produced in batches/lots. As a result, it becomes extremely important that every batch undergoes a quality assessment.
These quality assessments ensure that the purity, safety, and potency of the biologic drug is within its product specification range.

In other words, we test and obtain a COA to ensure that the compound has the desired purity, potency, safety, efficacy, and other physiochemical attributes.

You can read even more about this in a previous article.


So New 1st Quarter Lab Tests Along With New COA’s?

Yes, as we promise we do tests on every new batch of research material we get.
Since we had to replenish our stock after all the purchases of our great customers, we had to run new tests.
So these tests are for all the products you will buy starting from February.
You can check yourself on our website on every product page how good our product really is!

So check out all our new COA’s starting from next week!

New Testing And New COA’s! New Testing And New COA’s!










As you can see, we keep doing everything to guarantee you buy the best compounds with us!
Good luck with your research and enjoy our new batches!



















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