New Variants Sale!

New Variants Sale!
Our new variants arrived on May 3th so we have a special sale on them!

New Variants?

Yes, we announced them some time ago and now they are finally here.
As of May 3rd we have 2 new variants in every research compound available.
The variants will be Elderberry and Strawberry Lemonade.
So even more possibilities for your next research project!


A New Sale Again?


Yes it seems like we are doing one big sale all year around!
But for these new variants we thought it was nice to our customers to promote them even more with a sale.
And since the waiting time was a bit longer than expected, we think it’s only fair to give some discounts again.

What Kind Of Sale This Time?

New Variants Sale!

Our sale will be a very simple but honest “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” sale.
Of course, you can mix and match and choose out of all our products in the two new variants!

For every 2 items you add to your cart, you will see “add a free gift” on your cart page.
Add the third item/free gift and that item will be free! If you add 4 items you will get 2 free gift products and so on!


When Is This New Sale?

The new sale will start on May 8th!
We want to give you enough time to restock so the sale will last until May 13th!
So you will have almost one week to stock up on your research compounds in the new variants at even better prices than usual!

Discount Codes Only Support Your Affiliate if you use the buy 2 get 1 free gift offer.

Saint Patrick's Day Sale

Don’t forget to support your affiliate by picking their names at checkout. No other discount codes provide additional discounts on the B2G1 deal.

The Rules Of Our New Variant Sale:

  • You don’t need any code. The Buy 2 Get 1 Free is automatically active.
  • Discount codes don’t apply with this deal.
  • All products are included in our sale as long as you pick the two new variants
  • Just fill up your cart and enjoy
  • Don’t forget to select your affiliate in order to support them


Short Recap

So from Saturday May 8th until Thursday May 13th we will have our New Variants Sale
This means you get an extra discount for your favorite research compounds when you choose our two new variants!

The sale will be a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale.
So for every 2 products you buy, you get a 3rd one for free as long as you choose the two new variants!
You don’t need any discount code because the sale is automatically active and don’t forget your favorite affiliate!


Rat’s Army wishes you a nice New Variants Sale!

Don’t forget to support your affiliates by using their code.

We just want to point out Rat’s Army is not taking any responsibility for amazing results!
Happy researching!

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