Our New Research Stacks – Part 2

Our New Research Stacks - Part 2

Our New Research Stacks – Part 2
We added a lot of new research stacks to our shop!


The New Stacks Story Continues!

Like we said in our previous article about our new stacks:
At Rat’s Army, we want to make research as convenient as possible for our researchers.
Hence, we added some stacks we believe to be very effective for your research purposes.

And of course, when you buy it as a stack there already is a discount of 5% on the products!


Which Other Stacks Did We Choose?

The other stacks we chose for you are:

BPC157, TB500, and MK677 Research Stack

Our New Research Stacks - Part 2

As you can tell this is a stack meant for recovery research purposes.

Studies show BPC-157 increases healing processes in the body, accelerates wound healing time, and works very anti-inflammatory while also decreasing pain.
For TB-500 studies show it also helps to heal processes and wound healing, while also being anti-inflammatory. It also may improve insulin sensitivity and help build muscle tissue.
Studies show MK-677 does a lot of great things in the body. In this stack, we chose it because of the healing properties as well.

So this is our Recovery Stack!


Citicoline, Oxiracetam, Noopept Research Stack

Our New Research Stacks - Part 2

This stack is for cognitive research.
It contains only compounds that can improve the brain function of your rat.

Studies show Citicoline improves memory and behavior as well as blood flow in the brain. It also enhances mental focus and sharpens the mind.
For Oxiracetam studies show it also helps improve memory function and as well it helps enhance the learning capability of the brain. It also improves focus and attention.
Studies on Noopept show it also enhances brain function. It also gives a subtle psychostimulatory effect and has a general neuroprotective effect.

So this is our Smart Rat Stack!


Phenibut, Lion’s Mane, and 5HTP Research Stack

Our New Research Stacks - Part 2

This stack is made to improve the general happiness and mental well-being of your rat.

Studies show Phenibut reduces feelings of anxiety and aggression along with relieving insomnia. It also boosts cognitive functions in the brain.
For Lion’s Mane studies show as well a reduction of feelings of anxiety and depression as well as it improves recovery time from nervous system injuries. It also boosts the immune system and protects the brain from dementia.
Studies on 5HTP show that it reduces panic attacks and anxiety and has antidepressant effects. It also improves sleep quality.

This is why we call this stack our Happy Rat Stack!


Tadalafil and PT141 Research Stack

Our New Research Stacks - Part 2

These two compounds give your rat an improved sexual function and performance.

Studies show Tadalafil improves erectile function and makes an enlarged prostate smaller again. It also improves blood flow and reduces blood pressure.
For PT-141 studies show it gives both male and female subjects and increased sexual desire and performance along with a better erectile function and a better mood.
When you combine these two compounds in a stack, imagine the results your rat will get.

This is our “Bedroom” Stack!


Short Recap

We added some home-selected stacks to our shop.
In this way, we want to make your research choices more convenient.
We also believe this will result in even more successful research projects.
And as a nice extra: every stack has a 5% discount if you buy it as a stack!


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Don’t forget: at Rat’s Army, you will find these products in the best quality around, at competitive pricing, and in multiple variants!
Make sure you visit our shop soon to start your own research with these wonderful compounds!


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