PRT 101 – Other Auxiliaries – Part 1

PRT 101 – Other Auxiliaries – Part 1
Some other interesting compounds for a successful Post Research Therapy!

PCT 101 - Other Auxiliaries

PRT: Not Only Important For Handling Suppression

PCT 101 - Other Auxiliaries

Like you all know by now, your research project will not only have side effects in terms of testosterone suppression.
Every research project has some other effects that you should take care of after researching.
That’s why PRT is not only important for testosterone and other hormonal levels but as well for other health reasons.

The most common side effects after a research project are:

  • Lipid panel problems (HDL, LDL…)
  • Less energy
  • Hard to maintain the research results
  • Dry joints and tendons


Which Kind Of Other Auxiliaries Are There For A Successful PRT

The auxiliaries we have at our shop will boost PRT a lot more than just an over-the-counter supplement.


PCT 101 - Other Auxiliaries

GW501516, also known as Cardarine, is an agonist of PPARδ receptors. It was intended to use in the treatment of metabolic diseases and cardiovascular diseases but also showed a strong effect in improving athletic performance.
The activation of PPARδ causes many positive effects, similar to those provided by training:

  • increased energy levels
  • improved endurance
  • improved insulin sensitivity and lipid profile
  • increased muscle mass.

So yes, Cardarine is not only useful during research but as well after research.
It has the capacity to generate a lot of energy will help to get cholesterol levels straight.
It will also improve endurance and has no effect on testosterone levels.



Well GW0742 is the ‘brother’ or GW501516. It is as well a PPAR(β and δ)-agonist.

Similar to its brother, which was developed for the potential treatment of metabolic diseases and cardiovascular diseases, it has the same unique capacities.
Via activating PPARδ, the liver switches its energy source from glucose to fatty acids, which can, in turn, reduce blood sugar levels.
This in turn upregulates the body’s expression of proteins involved in energy expenditure, improves insulin sensitivity and body composition, which can lower the overall incidence of type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

The most notable benefits are:

  • Increased energy
  • Muscle building potential
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Fat burning potential
  • Boosting endurance
  • Improved lipid profiles

The main difference between GW-501516 is that GW-0742 is the better at burning fat.

So yes, just like GW-501516, GW-0742 is very useful in your PRT.
It will as well generate more energy and it might even improve cholesterol levels more than GW-501516.
It will also improve endurance and has no effect on testosterone levels.



SR9009 is an agonist of REV-ERB alpha and beta nuclear receptors.
It is able to modulate the circadian rhythm, a.k.a. the biological clock of mammals.
REV-ERB receptors are mainly found in liver, muscle, and fat tissue:

  • Liver: REV-ERB receptors affect the rhythm of 90% of the about 900 genes under circadian control in the liver.
    It turns off the genes that produce glucose without altering insulin sensitivity and also turns on genes that generate new fat cells and reduces the inflammatory response.
  • Muscles: REV-ERB receptors promote the burning of fat, increases the activity of mitochondria, and promote the generation of new while decreasing the destruction of old mitochondria.
  • Fat cells: REV-ERB receptors turn off the genes responsible for storing fat and decrease triglyceride production.

That is why the most pronounced benefits of SR9009 are:

  • Increased oxygen consumption
  • Decreased generation of new fat cells in the liver
  • Improved lipid profiles and cholesterol levels and
  • Increased the number of mitochondria in muscle
  • Increased glucose and fatty acid use in muscle
  • Less fat storage

So yes, SR9009 is a great compound in your PRT.
It will generate more energy and endurance and will help getting lipid panel and cholesterol levels go normal again.

The best part is, you can administer it together it with either one on the GW’s.
This will give your test subject an extra edge to recover faster.


Short Recap

PCT 101 - Other Auxiliaries

In part 1, we highlighted the auxiliaries which can help your test subject generate more energy and recover faster after the research project.
They can also all help to improve insulin sensitivity and make sure cholesterol levels and lipid panel will go to normal very fast.
They will also improve your fat-burning capacities.

The best part is that you can even administer these compounds together: one of the GWs with SR-9009.


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Part 2

Part 2 is coming up soon in our knowledge vault with even more auxiliaries for a faster and better recovery after your research.
Be sure to check out our shop for all our great compounds!

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