PRT 101 – Other Auxiliaries – Part 2

PRT 101 – Other Auxiliaries – Part 2
Some other interesting compounds for a successful Post Research Therapy!

PCT 101 - Other Auxiliaries

PRT: Not Only About Suppression And Cholesterol Levels

PCT 101 - Other Auxiliaries - Part 2

As we already mentioned in part 1, there is a lot more about post cycle therapy than fighting testosterone suppression and get those hormonal levels to normal again.
In part 1 we mainly talked about some compounds to keep your test subject energetic after a research cycle.
Even better these compounds also have a positive effect on cholesterol levels and lipids panel.
If you missed that, you can read all about it here.

Part 2 will be about compounds that can help you maintain your post-research results in your test subject.
These are as well compounds with no hormonal side effects so they will not interfere with getting testosterone levels straight.
As well they will not have a bad effect on cholesterol levels or lipid panel.


Which Kind Of Compounds Are We Talking About Now?


MK-677, also known as Ibutamoren, is an orally active, non-peptide, synthetic, and selective ghrelin mimetic and a growth hormone secretagogue, a.k.a. a growth hormone secretagogue receptor (GHS-R) agonist.
It was originally developed to combat the symptoms of various diseases of old age-related to the weakness and loss of bone and muscle mass.
It crosses the blood-brain barrier and then stimulates ghrelin-specific receptors (GHS-R) located in the hypothalamus and pituitary gland.
This leads to an increase in the amplitude and frequency of growth hormone bursts.
Then, the circulating growth hormone causes an increase in the hepatic release of insulin-like growth factor type 1 (IGF-1), which exhibits systemic anabolic effects.

MK-677 has a clear anti-catabolic effect and supports the optimal regeneration of the body.
As well it leads to the intensification of anabolic changes in the muscle tissue and stimulates bone turnover. It also lowers LDL.

So the benefits from MK-677 in a PRT are:

  • Effectively increases GH and IGF-1 levels
  • Increases lean body mass
  • Limits catabolism after a research cycle
  • Improves sleep quality

So MK-677 will protect your research results after a reasearch project by making your test subject recover faster on multiple levels because of the benefit of higher growth hormone levels.
And, you can administer it perfectly with all the other PRT auxiliaries for an even better post-research recovery.



Laxogenin (3beta-hydroxy-25D,5alpha-spirostan-6-one) is a compound sold in various forms as a muscle-toning supplement.
It belongs to a class of plant hormones called brassinosteroids, which have a similar structure to animal steroid hormones. In plants, they work to boost growth.

So Laxogenin is a natural supplement derived from plants that will give you some clear benefits.
These benefits can be really useful during post cycle therapy after your research.
It works non-hormonal, so it’s perfect for during your PRT and works well for muscle building and speeding up recovery: it increases protein production in muscles (up to 200%) and prevents the breakdown of muscle proteins. It also might reduce blood sugar, prevent tissue damage and protect you from cancer.

Laxogenin comes with virtually no side effects. But the only problem is there aren’t a lot of good sources where you can buy it.

So the benefits in terms of your PRT are:

  • Accelerated recovery
  • Muscle building properties
  • Faster strength improvements
  • Improved resistance to physical and mental fatigue

So Laxogenin might be a useful add-on for your PRT:
It will make your test subject recover better and will up protein synthesis.
At Rat’s Army, you’ll find it in the best quality around, so you don’t have to doubt about that either.


Short Recap

PCT 101 - Other Auxiliaries - Part 2

In part 2, we highlighted the auxiliaries which can help your test subject recover well after a research project.
They can be administered perfectly together and with the compounds in part 1 and with the chosen SERM for your PRT.
Like this, you can have the perfect synergetic PRT.


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It is the ultimate guide for successful research!

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