Peptides Protect You From Covid-19 Omicron?

Peptides Protect You From Covid-19 Omicron?

Peptides Protect You From Covid-19 Omicron?
More important news to underline the importance of peptide research!

Can Peptides Really Protect Us From Omicron?

T cells

Peptides Protect You From Covid-19 Omicron?

As we mentioned before in one of our articles research shows that T cells in the body are important in the fight against Covid-19.
T cells are a type of leukocyte (white blood cells) that have an essential part in the immune system.
They are one of two primary types of lymphocytes that determine the specificity of immune response to antigens (foreign substances) in the body.

There are two types of T cells, “killer” cells and “helper” cells.
Killer cells get on with the task of locating and destroying our cells that have become cancerous or infected with bacteria or viruses.

Research shows these killer T cells are important against Covid-19 as protection from our body against infection.
Maybe even more important than antibodies and vaccinations.


The Role Of Peptides

We had a lot of articles about peptides already.
You can still read them all in our Knowledge Vault.

In the most recent article, we underlined the importance of growth hormone peptides for a healthy life.
They have a lot of benefits including an improved immune system.
A better immune system means that the body has better “weapons” against all kinds of diseases and infections.

We already covered the role of Thymosin alpha 1 (TA1) in this previous article and how it might boost the efficiency of T cells.
But when we look at all the other peptides research we might conclude even more peptides will do this by making our immune system stronger.


The Protection Against Omicron

Peptides Protect You From Covid-19 Omicron?

New research shows that these T cells play an important role in the fight against Covid-19 Omicron.
As we see that vaccinated or previously infected people can get easily infected by Omicron it is important to have more than only antibodies.
So when our immune system is stronger and our T cells efficient because of this, this will be the difference between someone having a mild infection and a severe one.

Where antibodies stumble, killer T cells shine.
Their entire reason of existence is rooting out infected cells and they manage that feat through an affinity for gore.
While neutralizing antibodies pinpoint viruses by their external traits, the microbe equivalent of hair and skin, killer T cells can also identify them via their innards.
Because the virus is pretty mashed up at this point, T cells are not always as flummoxed by mutations as are antibodies.

So that will make it harder for Omicron to escape from efficient killer T cells!


Short Recap

T cells have been shown to be excellent first responders against all kinds of infections.
Because they are “smarter” than antibodies they can easily recognize mutations in viruses.
So an efficient T cell will combat Omicron much better than our antibodies which come from vaccination or previous infection.

So in order to have good and efficient T cells, we need to boost them.
Having a strong immune system is important for that.
Some specific peptides boost the T cells (like TA1) but other peptides that improve the immune system might do a good job as well!

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