Rat’s Army Spooky Sale – Extra Trick Or Treat!

Rat’s Army Spooky Sale – Extra Trick Or Treat!
We are adding some extra items in a special trick or treat extra sale!

Rat's Army Spooky Sale - Extra Trick Or Treat!

Rat’s Army Spooky Sale – Extra Trick Or Treat


Yes, we are adding some extras to this Spooky Sale! Orders at random will now receive an extra trick or treat opportunity.
That means you can get an extra item when you are treated on your order!
So for the last days of this Spooky Sale, you might have some extra luck in getting extra research compounds on top of your order and the sale items.

What Was The Spooky Sale About Again?

Halloween Free Treats

Our Spooky Sale “Spend $85 Get 1 Free!” is already running for a few days now.
When you spend $85 dollar in our shop you will get one of these products for free on top of your order:

  • Clomiphene
    A staple of PCT, a must-have for any researcher.
  • Tadalafil
    The ultimate vasodilator, research on rats shows that it can significantly improve pumps (in both muscles and “you know what”)
  • GW-501516
    Also known as Cardarine, this is the ultimate endurance research chemical for rodents!
  • S-4
    One of the very first SARMs, a classic that will never go out of fashion thanks to its incredible properties

During the sale, other products will be added to this list of free products for this special sale.


When Is This Spooky Sale Again? And When Does The Extra Trick Or Treat Start?

We will start on October 22nd.
This special offer will last until November 1st!

Starting on October 28th we are adding the extra trick or treat items!


Which Items Can You Expect In This Extra Trick Or Treat?

Rat's Army Spooky Sale - Extra Trick Or Treat!

Well, because we want to make this a very special trick or treat a lot of items are included in this trick or treat!
We will try to sum them up for you:

  • Delta8 products
    All kind of products out of this shop that offers only the highest quality Delta 8 THC and Delta 8 CBD products!
    Be sure to check it out.
  • Nootropics
    All kinds of nootropics from our product range will be eligible for the extra trick or treat!
  • NAC
    The best during research liver support you can get!
  • PCTs
    Post research compounds will be available too as a trick or treat.
  • Higher-end products
    Some of our higher-end compounds like RAD-140 or S-23 will be very rarely picked as your treat!


The Rules Of Our Rat’s Army Spooky Sale – Extra Trick Or Treat:

Rat's Army Spooky Sale!

  • You don’t need any code. Everything is automatically active in the shop
  • Discount codes do apply and support your affiliates.
  • Just fill up your cart and enjoy
  • For every $85 you spend you still get one of the selected items for free!
  • Some orders get a treaeted: you can be treated with some of the above products.
    So a happy and hopefully lucky trick or treat for you
  • Don’t forget to select your affiliate in order to support them


Don’t forget to support your affiliate by picking their names at checkout. Discount codes do apply as well!


Short Recap

Rat's Army Spooky Sale!

Rat’s Army is adding an extra to our Spooky Sale “Spend $85 Get 1 Free!”!
From October 28th until November 1st we are adding an extra trick or treat for every order!
This means can get even more free extra research compounds!

The compounds added for the trick or treat shot on random orders are:

All the rules of the Spooky Sale still apply but some orders will be a treated with an extra!

Be sure to check out our socials and the Knowledge Vault to be up-to-date on all Rat’s Army’s upcoming news flashes, specials & deals!

Rat's Army Spooky Sale - Extra Trick Or Treat!


Don’t forget: at Rat’s Army, you will find these products in the best quality around, at competitive pricing, and in multiple variants!
Make sure you visit our shop soon to start your own research with these wonderful compounds!

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