Saint Patrick’s Day Sale

Saint Patrick’s Day Sale
Let’s celebrate this beautiful day with a beautiful sale!

Saint Patrick's Day Sale

Our Next Sale Is Coming Up Soon!

Saint Patrick's Day Sale

We are having a new big sale in a few days.
It has been a while since our last big sale so we thought it’s time to celebrate a special day with a special sale!
So Saint Patrick’s Day seemed like the perfect day to celebrate.

So check out this article so you are ready to stock up again on our fantastic research products!

When Is This New Sale?

Our Saint Patrick’s Day Sale is coming up soon.
From March 17th until March 22nd we have our Saint Patrick’s Day Sale.

So you have multiple days to buy everything you need.
Just make sure you shop in time so everything is still available for you.

Like this Rat’s Army honors Saint Patrick, the foremost patron saint of Ireland, the right way!

What Kind Of Sale Will It Be This Time?

Saint Patrick's Day Sale

Our sale will be a very simple but honest “Buy 2 Get 1 Free” sale.
Of course, you can mix and match and choose out of all our products.


Shred Stack 2.0

For every 2 items you add to your cart, you will see “add a free gift” on your cart page. Add the third item/free gift and that item will be free! If you add 4 items you will get 2 free gift products and so on!

Discount Codes Only Support Your Affiliate if you use the buy 2 get 1 free gift offer.

Saint Patrick's Day Sale

Don’t forget to support your affiliate by picking their names at checkout. No other discount codes provide additional discounts on the B2G1 deal.

The Rules Of Our Saint Patrick’s Day Sale:

  • You don’t need any code. The Buy 2 Get 1 Free is automatically active.
  • Discount codes don’t apply with this deal.
  • All products are included in our Saint Patrick’s Day Sale
  • Just fill up your cart and enjoy
  • Don’t forget to select your affiliate in order to support them

Short Recap

So on Wednesday, March 17th, our Saint Patrick’s Day Sale will start. The sale will be available until March 22nd.
This means you have 6 days to shop for your favorite research compounds!

The sale will be a Buy 2 Get 1 Free sale.
So for every 2 products you buy, you get a 3rd one for free!
You don’t need any discount code because the sale is automatically active and don’t forget your favorite affiliate!

Saint Patrick's Day Sale

Rat’s Army wishes you a happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Don’t forget to support your affiliates by using their code.

We just want to point out Rat’s Army is not taking any responsibility for amazing results!
Happy researching!

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