Sale: New Year New Rat Special!

Sale: New Year New Rat Special!

Sale: New Year New Rat Special!
Lots Of Discounts On All Of Our Products (Including Stacks And Blends)!
From December 31st until January 5th!

Sale: New Year New Rat Special!

Yes, We Do Have Another Sale Already!

Sale: New Year New Rat Special!

Since we want to give everyone a decent chance to stock up for 2021 and our last sale was only for one day: we are already starting our next sale!
Starting on December 31st until January 5th we are having a special New Year Sale for all those new rats!
So that means 6 days of opportunities to stock up on all of our research chemicals to make your rat so much bigger, stronger, and leaner in 2021!

Be sure to take a look in our shop for all the products we have and make up your mind in advance.
Remember: it will be one of the last chances to buy and try your favorite winter flavors! (They will disappear soon…)


What Kind Of Sale Will It Be This Time?

Sale: New Year New Rat Special!

We give a simple but very kind discount on all of our products.
All the single bottles will have a discount of $12! And yes you can order as much as you like!
For our stacks (e.g. Mass Stack) and blends (e.g. Thicc, Slyced…) we even offer a discount of $37.

So this means it’s a good time to stock up on all of the research chemicals your rat needs for 2021!



Discount Codes Do Apply As Well

Sale: New Year New Rat Special!

Yes, you read that right: all of the discount codes will be valid during the sale. So this means you will have an extra advantage if you have a discount code!
So if you want to buy some MK-2866 during the sale, and you have a discount code of 20%, you will only pay $38.39 for one full bottle!
How crazy is that!

So again, it’s the best time to stock up for 2021 and make it a great year full of happiness and successful research!


The Rules Of Our New Year New Rat Special:

  • You don’t need any code. The discounted prices are automatically active in the shop
  • Discount codes do apply so you can use them!
  • All products are included in our New Year Sale
  • Just fill up your cart and enjoy
  • Don’t forget your affiliate’s code so you can give them a nice first 2021 gift as well!


Don’t forget: all of our payment methods are operational.
So you can pay by credit card, bank transfer, or cryptocurrency!
And as always we have free first-class shipping on all U.S. orders!

Don’t forget that all of our winter flavors are still available during this sale!
They will be gone soon, so be sure to stock up on them if you like these delicious flavors!


Short Recap

Happy 2021

Tomorrow, our New Year New Rat Special Sale will start!
From December 31st until January 5th we have a special sale with discounts on all of our products!
Single bottles get a discount of $12, stacks and blends get $37 off!
All discount codes are active!



Sale: New Year New Rat Special!


Rats Army wishes you a happy New Year!
We wish you some solid research success in 2021!

Don’t forget to support your affiliates by using their code.

We just want to point out Rats Army is not taking any responsibility for amazing research results!
Happy researching!

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