Shipping To Australia – A New Partner

Shipping To Australia - A New Partner

Shipping To Australia – A New Partner
A very important and positive message for all our Australian customers!

Shipping To Australia - A New Partner

Shipping To Australia Will Be Possible Again Soon

Shipping To Australia - A New Partner

As you all know, we had to stop shipping recently to some countries.
Much to our regret one of these countries is Australia.
Since we know how hard it is to find quality research products in Australia and how hard it is to import them…

We were proud that we were one of the few companies that succeeded to ship successfully to Australia.
But due to some recent problems in shipping, our shipping to Australia is currently on hold.

But don’t worry, this problem will be resolved soon as we are upgrading our distribution center and placing one in the AUS.
Meanwhile, we found a good solution for our Australian customers


A Partnership To Help Our Australian Customers

Shipping To Australia - A New Partner

We searched and found a partner to have a temporary solution for our Australian customers.
We can make sure Australian customers will get great research products again to Australia.

Our partner will handle everything from the moment you buy your research compounds until the moment it arrives at your doorstep.
So everything from ordering to providing track and trace, payments, and customer care will be in their hands.
And trust us: they are in very good hands.

Our partner has the same mission as we do.
They want to make sure they:

  • provide high-quality research compounds
  • have fast, reliable, and affordable shipping
  • give customers a great customer service
  • have an easy and accessible checkout experience
  • have the happiest customers


Meet Our Partner: Reaper Labz

The name is out!
We are proud to announce we partnered up with this great startup.
Not only do they have a great corporate vision, just like us but they have as well great products at great pricing.
They have a broad product range offering SARMs and other research compounds along with peptides.
As well they have some own blends comparable to our Slyced or Thicc.

They have their products in liquid form as well as in capsules.
They are changing their capsules to tablets because it’s easier to dose right with a tablet.
Be sure to check out their shop.

They offer a lot of payment options going from Zelle, CashApp, credit cards, Bitcoin… and yes even Paypal.


Now, How To Be Sure Of The Great Quality?

Rat’s Army will start producing the research compounds for Reaper Labz.
So all of their products will have the same quality as our own wonderful Rat’s Army products.
We will make sure they can offer great chemicals to their own customers.
In return, they will help us with our shipping to Australia for now.

This means if you are an Australian customer, you must order the Reaper Labz products to get great research compounds to Australia again.
We are very happy we can provide in this way to all of our Australian customers again.
So don’t hesitate any longer and start placing your orders!


Short Recap

We have a temporary solution you can count on.

With our partner Reaper Labz you can get your high-quality research compounds in Australia again.
While we are reorganizing and improving our distribution center, our partner will make sure all Australian customers can get their stuff again in an easy and reliable way at the highest quality!

So if you are from Australia: check out their shop!


Check out Rats Army for products of the best quality around, at competitive pricing, and in delicious flavors!
Make sure you visit our shop soon to start your own research with these wonderful compounds!

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  1. James says:

    Are you guys partnered with mr sarm ? They are an Australian brand claiming to be partners with rats army.

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