Welcome To Our New Facility!

Welcome To Our New Facility!
We recently moved to a new facility to give you an even better experience at Rat’s Army!


Welcome To Our New Facility!

It took us a little bit longer to finally make our move to this new facility.
But at the end of July, we started our move and only a few days later we were up and running again for our customers.

The move itself had some issues like a truck full of stock and equipment breaking down.
So the startup was really hard and we had to work really hard the last couple of weeks to get everything going up to speed.
Especially because you guys keep making orders with us and every day we keep getting new satisfied customers as well!


The Benefits Of Our New Facility

Yes, a new facility means new and better options but we want to let you know which are the most important benefits of this new facility!

Greater Production Volume

Since our new facility is a lot bigger than our previous one, this means we can have a bigger production unit.
Newer and more machines make it possible to produce even more research compounds than we already did.
And at a constant rate: no more issues if we have a technical problem with our equipment. Now we have another production line ready to start producing again.


Bigger Storage for our Stock

Not only can we produce more, but we also have more space to stock it.
A bigger facility means more space so more storage space again.
Like this, we hope never to have the “out of stock” message again on our website.

We are now still stocking up because since the move we had our best month ever in terms of volume sales.
But we hope to have our storage room all filled up in a few weeks so you can always order anything you want.


Faster Processing Speeds For Your Orders

Again, a bigger space so more space for specific tasks.
Our new order processing space gives us the flexibility to speed up when things get really busy.
Our goal is to get processing times on all orders down.
And more importantly, our other goal is that even during our big sales processing times will not be delayed.

Just like the greater production volume: when there are a lot of orders coming in we just open some extra processing units for all these orders.

Better Customers Service

Maybe the most important thing: we can give you even better customer service and customer experience now.
In our new facility we invested in our IT infrastructure: it is now faster and more modern.
So our customer service can track problems easier, there are more options to reach us even faster…

And with our production volume going up and order processing times going down, our customer service will have more time to answer all your questions about our research compounds.
So for all the new researchers, this will be very helpful.

And we still want to remain the excellent customer service we already were: we want to solve all of your problems asap!


Short Recap

Since the beginning of August, we moved to a new and bigger facility.
It has been a bumpy road but we made it.

Our goal is clear: we want to give all you guys an even better customer experience at Rat’s Army.
With a higher production volume, a larger storage room, faster order processing times, and even better customer service we are sure we will succeed in this goal!


Don’t forget: at Rat’s Army, you will find these products in the best quality around, at competitive pricing, and in multiple variants!
Make sure you visit our shop soon to start your own research with these wonderful compounds!

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    I ordered my supplements to be shipped over night and still haven’t received a tracking number? Thanks.

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