Winter is coming: Have you seen our winter flavors?

Winter is coming: Have you seen our winter flavors?

Winter is coming: Have you seen our winter flavors?
Available around the end of November!

Winter is coming: have you seen our winter flavors?

Winter is coming and so are our new flavors!Winter is coming

Xmas holiday season, winter season with snow, … Such a great time of the year.
And we are about to make it an even better time of the year!
In winter times, we start drinking hot beverages, we start eating other flavors that remind us of winter times.

So, at Rat’s Army, we decided to bring these winter tastes to our great products!
Therefore, we developed 3 new flavors that remind us of the Xmas tree and our warm moments inside with family!

Oh yeah, the most popular of these 3 new flavors will stay on board as our new official flavor!

Grandma’s Pie

Grandma's Pie - apple pie with sweet caramel added

Pie is the most eaten food in this season. And most of all, who doesn’t love grandma’s homemade apple pie?
That’s what we thought too and so we decided to search for all the sweet tastes that come along with a delicious pie from our grandma.

So we went for the traditional apple pie as a base. But what do we add to this kind of pie in winter season: it has to be extra sweet to go well with our favorite hot beverages.
Therefore, we decided to go for a caramel taste to add. Can you imagine an sweet apple pie with some extra sweet caramel?
Well, if you can then Grandma’s Pie is THE flavor for you! You will be amazed what a sweet dessert Tadalafil or any other product can be!


White Girl

White Girl - coffee with mocha, white chocolate and caramel

Which hot beverage do you like most: hot chocolate, coffee, latte macchiato…
Or are you more the Starbucks kinda person who likes a Frappuccino with all kinds of spices, caramel and/or chocolate mixed in your coffee?

Well, if you are then take a look at our White Girl flavor. We tried (and we succeeded) to give it that Starbucks-like Frappuccino approach.
So you can think about a delicious mixed coffee drink with some mocha, white chocolate, and caramel flavors to it.
Who doesn’t like that in front of the Xmas tree!
Just be sure not to mix it in your real coffee or hot chocolate!


Cinnamon Sizzl’

Cinnamon Sizzl' - Red Hots cinnamon flavored candy

Our most special flavor in this winter holiday season range must be our Cinnamon Sizzl’.
Who doesn’t know the Red Hots cinnamon flavored candies. Those tiny red balls with a powerful cinnamon kaboom in your mouth will rock you from your nose to your toes!
Sweet but spicy! If you get watery eyes, it just means that you love this taste.

Therefore, if you are the kind of person that likes this sweet kick, make sure you get our amazing Cinnamon Sizzl’.
when you go for Cinnamon Sizzl’, taking Laxogenin has never been such a body rocking experience!


How do we get these flavors inside our products?

Testing of liquid products - Testing en COA’s: what about that?

Well, this is kind of our biggest company secret but we can tell you this: Don’t worry about your diet or macros.
All of our flavoring is done in a near zero kcal and sugar-free way.
For all of our flavors we use a artificial ethanol base to mix it with the compound. For most of our flavors, we also use a bit of sucralose to make the flavor nice and sweet.
So don’t worry, we still keep our products healthy!


Winter is coming: Did we get your attention?

Make sure to follow our socials, subscribe to our newsletter, and visit our website regularly to find these new wintery holiday flavors!
They will be available around the end of November (November 27th).
Some of them will be only temporary in stock and you just must taste them if you are into this wonderful holiday season!
So don’t forget to order in time!

Holidays are coming

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