Winter Is Coming: New Variants!

Winter Is Coming: New Variants!
Have you seen our winter variants? Available from December 21st!


Winter Is Coming: New Variants!


Winter Is Coming And So Are Our New variants!Winter Is Coming: New Variants!

Xmas holiday season, winter season with snow…
Such a great time of the year.
And we are about to make it an even better time of the year!
In winter times, we start drinking hot beverages, we start eating other flavors that remind us of winter times.

So at Rat’s Army, we decided to bring these winter tastes to our great products!
Therefore, we developed 3 variants that remind us of the Xmas tree and our warm moments inside with family!


Cinnamon Sizzl’

Winter Is Coming: New Variants!

Because it was so popular last year, our most special variant is coming back for this winter.
Who doesn’t know the Red Hots cinnamon-flavored candies?
Those tiny red balls with a powerful cinnamon kaboom in your mouth will rock you from your nose to your toes!
Sweet but spicy! If your rat gets watery eyes, it just means that he loves this great variant.

If this sounds attractive for your rat, make sure you get our amazing Cinnamon Sizzl’.

Sugar CookieWinter Is Coming: New Variants!

Who does not like a delicious Sugar Cookie?
We are sure rats will love this sweet taste.

A sugar cookie: sweet and buttery with a nice frost glazing on top of it.
That is the best way to describe this new variant.
For all of your sugar cookie-loving rats, this is the variant you must try!


Cranberry Lime

Winter Is Coming: New Variants!

The delicious mix of sweet and sour.
Maybe this reminds you less of the holiday season in the winter but it sure tastes well.
The nice red color makes you think about Xmas instantly.

This variant is again a special one with two different tastes combined together.
So if your rat is not only into sweetness, this one is very suitable for your rat.
Tickle your rat’s taste buds with this special variant we have!



How Do We Add These Variants To Our Products?

Testing of liquid products - Testing en COA’s: what about that?

Well, this is kind of our biggest company secret but we can tell you this: Don’t worry about your rat’s diet or macros.
All of our variants are near zero kcal and sugar-free.
For all of our variants, we use a sugar-alcohol base to mix it with the compound.
For most of our variants, we also use a bit of sucralose to make the variant nice and sweet.
So don’t worry, we still keep our products good to go for all diets!


Winter is coming: Did we get your attention?

Make sure to follow our socials, subscribe to our newsletter, and visit our website regularly to find these new wintery holiday flavors!
They will be available from December 21st.
They will be only temporary in stock so do stock up on your rat’s favorite variant in time!

Holidays are coming


Don’t forget: at Rat’s Army, you will find these products in the best quality around, at competitive pricing, and in multiple variants!
Make sure you visit our shop soon to start your own research with these wonderful compounds!

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