Yeah baby: Tabs are coming in soon!

Picture of tablets - Yeah baby: Tabs are coming in soon!

Yeah baby: Tabs are coming in soon!

Tablet making machine


Rat’s army is producing tablets as we speak!

Tablets production line

Since we do listen closely to our valuable customers, we heard that you guys might like some compounds in tablet form better than liquids.
Therefore, we started researching which compounds are suitable for tablet production.
In a few weeks, we’ll be proud to have tablets available in our shop!



What’s the main difference between liquid form or pill form?

Process of making tablets from powder


To be honest, there isn’t much of a difference. In liquids, the powder of the compound is dissolved in some dissolving agent like for instance PEG400.
It’s an easy and very pure process that guarantees a product to be of the finest quality. Some dissolving agents also might increase the oral bioavailability of a compound.

Pills: capsules & tablets

Similarly, pills are also made from that same powder. So when we produce pills we don’t need to dissolve the powder in a dissolving agent, but we just put the powder in a pill form.
This is a fully automated process.
When we produce capsules, we fill capsules with the desired powder of a compound. The capsule itself is the shell that keeps it all together and is mainly consists of a gelatin base.

But when we make tablets, we have to make sure that our tablets have a solid structure so that they won’t fall apart when you touch them or when we put them in small bags.
Therefore, we also need to create some kind of shell. We use a binding agent like powdered gelatin or PEG400 to bind the tablets together.
Like that, you have a solid tablet that you can easily stock and break without worrying it falls apart to its powdered form.


Why tabs and not caps?

Tabs and caps

Not everyone wants to experiment or research with the same dosage of one or more products.
In liquid form, it’s easy to calculate your research administration dosage.

When you use capsules, you are limited to the dosage that’s inside the capsule.
We don’t want to make that choice for you nor is there a ‘perfect’ dosage to put inside a capsule.
Besides, we don’t want you to open capsules and start dosing the powder insides.
In that way, there isn’t any reason not to use a liquid form because it’s doesn’t give any advantage in ease of use.

Therefore, we produce tablets. A tablet is easy to break and split into the administration dosage you want.
You could even buy yourself a pill cutter so you can cut every tab in exactly the same size.


Which products will be available in tablet form?Tablet making machine

Mainly our Raloxifene, Tamoxifen, Clomiphene, Anastrozole & Exemestane will be available in tablet form.
However, in the beginning, there will only be a very limited quantity available in tablet form.
So be sure to keep a good look at our socials or newsletter to be the first to order those tabs!











4 thoughts on “Yeah baby: Tabs are coming in soon!

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  2. Shane Fadden says:

    Are you guys carrying Exemestane | Aromasin anymore? I cannot find it on your site.. I may be looking in the wrong place.

  3. Mike says:

    Do you have a product called shred that’s capsule or tablet form? It’s suppose to be combo of cardarine, SR 9009 and ostarine? Or do u have one that is specifically for fat burning? Looking for something with cardarine and SR 9009 combined.

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