Embarking on the journey of understanding the pivotal role of enclomiphene in post-cycle therapy (PCT), this article delves into the intricacies of an enclomiphene PCT, exploring its effectiveness in restoring testosterone levels after a suppressive SARM cycle.

As we navigate through the nuanced landscape of SERMs (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators), our focus sharpens on enclomiphene, a derivative of Clomid, renowned for its potential in addressing hypogonadism in men

Within this comprehensive guide, we not only decipher the mechanism of action that sets enclomiphene apart but also shed light on the critical aspect of enclomiphene PCT dosage—unveiling the considerations and nuances surrounding the optimal dosage tailored to individual responses and the severity of suppression.

The best Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT) for SARMs has EVERYTHING to do with a class of drugs called SERMs.  In SERMs 101, we taught you what a SERM is, how to use it for SARMs, what is the best PCT protocol for SARMs, and lastly, where to buy SERMs for your SARMs post cycle.

If you need to brush up on the terms above, feel free to navigate to SERMs 101 and SARMs 101 before we dive deep into one of the best SARM PCT products on the market: Clomid (Clomiphene).

Join us on this informative journey to demystify enclomiphene PCT and empower your understanding of its pivotal role in the intricate realm of hormonal modulation.

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enclomiphene pct

Enclomiphene is a SERM (Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator) that was developed from the Clomid (Clomiphene) molecule for the treatment of hypogonadism in men. Hypogonadism is a condition whereby the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Gonadal axis is unable to produce sufficient androgens (hormones such as Testosterone) for a man to feel good.


Enclomiphene is used by bodybuilders to restore their body to natural Testosterone levels and fertility after running a steroid cycle or SARMs. It is also used to reverse testicular atrophy and improve sex drive, sexual function, mood, and energy levels by natural bodybuilders who struggle with low Testosterone.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about Enclomiphene and how to use it in a bodybuilding context for PCT after SARM and Steroid cycles.


As mentioned before, Enclomiphene has a lot in common with Clomid (Clomiphene).

In fact, many people confuse the two and think that they are the same thing, and while they do in fact share many properties, being able to differentiate them from one another is key.

Enclomiphene is one of the two isomers that make up Clomid (Clomiphene), the other one being Zuclomiphene. Clomid is 62% Enclomiphene and 38% Zuclomiphene, to be exact.

Zuclomiphene is a pro-estrogenic isomer, whereas Enclomiphene is a pro-adrogenic isomer. In other words, Zuclomiphene is responsible for the emotional instability that Clomid is infamous for, and Enclomiphene is the component of Clomid that makes it so effective at boosting Testosterone levels in men.

The beautiful thing about taking pure Enclomiphene instead of regular Clomid (Clomiphene) is that we are only using the pro-androgenic isomer, meaning that we get all the Testosterone-boosting benefits of Clomid without any of the estrogenic side-effects it is known for.


Enclomiphene is not FDA-approved and it is not backed by as much scientific research as Clomid (Clomiphene) and other SERMs like Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) are.

Despite this, we can deduce that Enclomiphene is pretty safe and well-tolerated because it is part of Clomid, which has been studied extensively and is generally regarded as a safe medication. The countless anecdotal reports from bodybuilders who have used Enclomiphene for PCT also seem to indicate that this SERM is a safe and reliable option if used properly.

Keep reading to find out what the benefits of Enclomiphene PCT are, and what side-effects you can expect from it!


enclomiphene pct benefits


Enclomiphene is the only SERM that is being seriously studied as a treatment for hypogonadism. It is extremely effective at boosting Testosterone levels, and more and more anecdotal data is coming out proving that it is an excellent PCT option as well as an excellent test base for SARM cycles.

It is also extremely effective at increasing fertility and sperm count, and you can expect it to reverse testicular atrophy after a cycle.


While it is not as effective as Tamoxifen for gynecomastia control, Clomid (Clomiphene) is still somewhat effective at preventing and reversing it in its early stages according to clinical trials. 

There is no scientific or anecdotal information about Enclomiphene and its effects on gynecomastia, but if Clomiphene has mild anti-gyno properties, it is safe to assume that Enclomiphene does too. 

After all, Clomiphene is 62% Enclomiphene and 38% Zuclomiphene. The former is pro-androgenic and the latter is estrogenic, so we can easily conclude that Clomiphene’s anti-gyno properties are derived from Enclomiphene.

Despite this, we have seen reports of guys whose nipples got puffy on Enclomiphene. This does not necessarily mean it causes gynecomastia, since many factors can modulate the volume and shape of the nipples.


Given that all SERMs can increase Testosterone levels, you would expect all of them to increase sex drive and improve one’s mood. The reality is that most SERMs will either have a neutral or sometimes negative on both mood and libido, and Enclomiphene PCT is the only exception.

Many users also report feeling more masculine and dominant when they take Enclomiphene PCT.


There is no scientific evidence to prove that Enclomiphene can directly cause muscle growth, but it can increase Testosterone so much that we believe it can help with gaining muscle (despite the IGF-1 drop). 

The same could be said about other SERMs, but they are not as powerful as Enclomiphene so I would not expect the same results.



One enclomiphene side-effect is that it will lower IGF-1 levels significantly. As mentioned before, this side-effect does not seem to stop Enclomiphene from potentially causing muscle growth. MK-677 and other GH secretagogues can potentially reverse this side-effect.


According to both anecdotal evidence and reports, Enclomiphene can cause something similar to what is commonly known as “Roid Rage”. Users report feeling more masculine, aggressive and impatient.


There is no scientific or anecdotal information indicating that Enclomiphene could be hepatotoxic but seeing how most SERMs can have a small impact on liver enzymes, it is safe to assume that Enclomiphene is no exception, especially if we consider that it is significantly stronger than its counterparts.


Given that Enclomiphene is derived from Clomid (Clomiphene) and that this SERM can cause visual disturbances, it would not be a far stretch to assume that Enclomiphene can also cause them.

That being said, we have only received a couple of reports from people who got this side-effect on Enclomiphene, and they absued it for more than 12 weeks at a time, which is completely unnecessary to conduct a good PCT.


Enclomiphene works by selectively blocking estrogen receptors in the hypothalamus.

Blocking ERs in the hypothalamus allows Enclomiphene to trick the brain into thinking that there is low testosterone and no estrogen in the body, causing it to stimulate natural testosterone production.

Even though all SERMs have the same mechanism of action, their effects differ slightly, making some more suitable for the treatment of gynecomastia, and others more effective at restoring / boosting testosterone production.

The mechanism of action of enclomiphene in post-cycle therapy (PCT) is intricately tied to its selective modulation of hormonal pathways.

Enclomiphene functions by selectively blocking estrogen receptors in the hypothalamus, inhibiting the negative feedback loop that normally signals the brain to reduce gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) secretion. By obstructing estrogen receptors, enclomiphene prevents the hypothalamus from detecting estrogen levels, prompting an increase in the production of gonadotropins, specifically follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH).

Elevated FSH levels stimulate the testes, promoting sperm production, while heightened LH levels signal the release of testosterone. This orchestrated hormonal response serves to restore testosterone levels after exogenous testosterone use, such as during a suppressive SARM cycle. Additionally, enclomiphene’s ability to prevent estrogen’s inhibitory effects aids in avoiding estrogen-related side effects.

The careful modulation of LH and FSH levels by enclomiphene represents a strategic approach to post-cycle therapy, contributing to the prevention of estrogen dominance and facilitating the efficient restoration of testosterone levels. For individuals seeking a comprehensive PCT strategy, enclomiphene’s action complements the use of aromatase inhibitors and ensures a balanced hormonal environment conducive to the recovery of endogenous testosterone production.


Not all SARMs require an Enclomiphene PCT. 

But It’s best to run a post cycle therapy (PCT) after a SARMs cycle to get your natural testosterone levels back up to normal. While on cycle, your body will lower baseline testosterone production because of the SARMs binding to androgen receptors, blocking out testosterone. Certain SARMs are more suppressive to testosterone production than others, although most of them are not as suppressive as an average steroid.

The only reliable way of determining whether a SARM needs a PCT or not is to get a blood test. If a blood test just isn’t in the cards for your research, it’s best to err on the side of caution and match the appropriate SERM with your SARM cycle/AAS cycle.

The most common and our most recommended PCT consist of Clomid. In circumstances where the cycle can be very suppressive, we recommend a double-PCT approach of Enclomiphene (or Clomiphene) and Tamoxifen PCT.

Some factors that affect these decisions could include type of SARM/AAS, dosage, cycle length, and genetic predispositions. We go into greater detail in our PCT for SARMs article.


The recommended dosages for enclomiphene during post-cycle therapy (PCT) play a crucial role in restoring testosterone levels after a suppressive SARM cycle. Enclomiphene, a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM), is known for its effectiveness in boosting testosterone production. The appropriate dosage of enclomiphene can vary based on factors such as the severity of suppression experienced during the SARM cycle and individual response to the compound but we usually recommend starting at 50mg per day.

In cases of a mild suppressive SARM cycle, a lower dosage may be sufficient to initiate the restoration of testosterone levels. However, for more intense suppression, a higher dosage might be warranted to optimize the recovery process.

It is essential for individuals undergoing PCT to carefully consider their specific circumstances and, if possible, consult with healthcare professionals to determine the most suitable enclomiphene dosage tailored to their unique needs. Finding the right balance in dosage is key to a successful PCT, ensuring an effective rebound of testosterone levels while mitigating the impact of suppression from the preceding cycle.


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This Post Cycle Therapy for SARMs article provides a very general overview of SERMs.

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