RU-58841 & More: Hair Loss 101 Guidelines, Results, & More (2023)

Losing hair during a SARMs or steroid cycle is one of the biggest fears a beginner enhanced athlete has. In Hair Loss 101, you will learn everything you need to know about SARMs side-effects like hair loss and steroid (AAS) hair loss so that you can use treatments like RU-58841 to prevent it from happening during your cycles.

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dihydrotestosterone 3d chemical structure

Before explaining why and how SARMs and Steroids can cause hair loss, you need to understand the process by which hair loss occurs naturally in men. Androgenic Alopecia, also known as male pattern baldness, is a condition that affects a big percentage of the male population (and a tiny percentage of the female population).

Some men start to experience hair loss in their late teens / early 20s, others go bald by the time they are 35, and the lucky ones don’t really lose any significant amount of hair until they are very old. The men who have the “hair loss gene” are susceptible to losing hair due to a hormone and metabolite of Testosterone known as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

Testosterone converts into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) through an enzyme called 5-alpha-reductase. The more of this enzyme one has and the greater one’s Testosterone levels are, the higher DHT levels will be. Dihydrotestosterone attaches to the receptors in the scalp, causing the miniaturization and eventual “death” of hair follicles, resulting in what we know as hair loss. [R]


man with hair loss in mirror

STEROIDS CAUSE HAIR LOSS because they can either increase DHT levels or act as DHT analogues themselves. Thankfully, not all Steroids cause hair loss, but the ones that do are typically:

  • Testosterone (which converts to DHT)
  • Winstrol (which is directly derived from DHT)
  • Proviron (which is directly derived from DHT)
  • Primobolan (which is directly derived from DHT)
  • Masteron (which is directly derived from DHT)
  • and others…

When you do a Testosterone cycle hair loss will be accelerated (if you are prone to it) because having supraphysiological levels of Testosterone will cause you to also have supraphysiological levels of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

The DHT derivatives listed above, however, cause hair loss because they are modified Dihydrotestosterone molecules, so they directly attach to the scalp and cause the hair loss in the same way that regular Dihydrotestosterone would, except much more aggressively.

Below we discuss how to prevent or stop hair loss during a steroid and SARM cycle.


SARMs CAUSE HAIR LOSS for unclear reasons. Since SARMs are not hormones and they can’t convert into DHT, it is theorized that they can either cause hair loss by decreasing SHBG and indirectly increasing free testosterone and DHT, or by acting directly on the scalp (which has not been proven scientifically but would make sense). The SARMs that are most likely to cause hair loss are:

  • Testolone (RAD-140)
  • S-23
  • YK-11 (Myostine)

Even though the exact mechanism of action by which SARMs cause hair loss is not known, there are ways to prevent or stop hair loss during a SARM cycle.


The drugs used to prevent hair loss can be classified into 3 categories:

  • DHT inhibitors (5-alpha-reductase enzyme inhibitors) like Finasteride and Dutasteride
  • RU-58841
  • Minoxidil



DHT inhibitors are drugs that inhibit the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme, preventing Testosterone from converting into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Using DHT inhibitors decreases systemic Dihydrotestosterone levels, which slows down or completely halts hair loss. DHT inhibitors are the most commonly prescribed medications for hair loss, and they are also the most commonly used drugs for hair loss during testosterone cycles.

Unfortunately, DHT inhibitors can’t prevent hair loss associated with SARMs or with DHT-derived steroids like Winstrol, Proviron and Masteron, because those steroids are already DHT and they don’t need to go through the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme to be activated. Hair loss from these steroids and from SARMs is best treated with RU-58841 (more info below).

Another big downside of DHT inhibitors is that they can crash DHT levels if abused. DHT may cause hair loss, but it’s needed for optimal mood, well-being and sexual function in men.

The two main DHT inhibitors used for hair loss are Finasteride and Dutasteride.



Sometimes spelled RU58841, PSK-3841, HMR-3841 or RU 58841, RU-58841 is an experimental, topical, nonsteroidal antiandrogen (NSAA) that is applied topically to the scalp, where it blocks the androgen receptors to prevent DHT from attaching to them and causing hair loss which was first developed in the 1980’s. [R]

Unlike DHT inhibitors which reduce systemic DHT levels, RU-58841 only blocks DHT wherever it is applied, meaning that overall DHT levels remain the same and side-effects like low libido can be prevented.

Researchers very quickly found out that it works… and it works quite well.

Since RU-58841 blocks receptors in the scalp, it can be effectively used to combat hair loss from DHT-derived steroids like Masteron, Winstrol and Proviron, as well as hair loss from SARMs like RAD-140, S-23 and YK-11.

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So, you may be wondering how RU58841 compares to other common hair loss treatments, such as minoxidil, finasteride, and dutasteride.

In a nutshell, RU 58841 solution is by far one of the most effective ways to stop hair loss without a ton of nasty side effects, like other methods.

While finasteride and minoxidil are definitely the more popular hair loss prevention treatment methods, they will tank your body’s DHT levels, which does stop hair loss, but severely harms your bodybuilding results.

This is why so many people on gear, SARMs, or steroids find RU58841 so helpful—it prevents the hair loss typically associated with anabolic compounds, but doesn’t cause a whole body decrease in DHT levels.



Minoxidil supplement for hair loss

Minoxidil is not exactly a hair-loss prevention drug, but it is an essential tool in the fight against male pattern baldness. Minoxidil merely stimulates the regrowth of lost hairs by being applied topically where hair has been lost.

It’s commonly used in conjunction with DHT Inhibitors or RU-58841 in stacks where the previous drugs are responsible for preventing further hair loss, and where Minoxidil is responsible for regrowing the hairs that have already been lost.



RU-58841 results

There are many types of hair loss medications and each has its own unique benefits and side-effects. For the most part, hair loss medications are safe if they are used responsibly and only when necessary, but abusing them may cause undesired side-effects like low libido, lack of energy, dry skin and other adverse reactions.

The problem with most of these hair regrowth drugs is that they affect the DHT levels, testosterone levels, and other androgen levels through the entire body, rather than just on the scalp.

So, while drugs like finasteride or dutasteride may be helpful with hair growth and hair loss prevention, they come with a whole host of side effects, due to their body-wide effect on androgen levels.

Most men are better off buying some RU58841 from Chemyo and applying it to their scalp once daily—not only is it more effective than most common hair loss treatments, but it also has far less side effects.

Be sure to check out our individual hair loss profiles for each hair loss medication to learn more about their benefits and side-effects, and to figure out what the safest way to use them is.


Even though DHT Inhibitors are prescription medications, they can be legally bought and sold as research chemicals on the internet. The same can be said about RU-58841.

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In conclusion, there are several hair loss treatments men and women can use to prevent further decay of hair follicles and encourage new hair growth.

RU58841 is by far one of the best hair loss treatments for men on the planet, due to its high rate of effectiveness, and minimal side effects.

To recap things, here are the best suppliers to buy hair loss treatments from in 2023:

If you do want to try some for yourself, we recommend you get it through a reputable vendor like Chemyo that guarantees 99%+ purity of products.

RU58841 has changed the lives of thousands of men who suffered from male pattern baldness, so why wouldn’t you want to be next?


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