RAD-140, scientifically known as Testolone, stands at the forefront of Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs), a category of compounds gaining widespread recognition for their muscle-building and therapeutic potential. As we delve into the intricacies of RAD-140, we’ll explore terms like lean muscle mass, muscle and bone tissue, and androgen receptors, which play pivotal roles in understanding the compound’s mechanisms and benefits.

It has become one of the most widely used and respected SARMs on the market in recent years.

It was developed for the treatment of muscle wasting conditions and breast cancer. It has also been studied on rats as an alternative to TRT but there is no evidence to indicate that it would be an effective replacement for Testosterone in humans.

The reason why Testolone has become such an iconic PED is that it offers extreme versatility and provides incredible results with relatively manageable side-effects.

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The pharmaceutical company responsible for the development of RAD-140 is Radius Health circa 2011.

The first human study was conducted in 2017 [R].

RAD-140 was later licensed to Ellipses Pharmaceuticals in 2020.

Clinical trials, such as those conducted by Radius Health in 2011, shed light on RAD-140’s journey from development to licensing by Ellipses Pharmaceuticals in 2020. Clinical trials by radius health comparing conventional anabolic steroids become key markers in understanding the compound’s scientific evolution and its potential as a legal and safe alternative to traditional muscle-building agents.


RAD 140 is a legal performance enhancing drug. Given that is has not been approved by the FDA, RAD-140 can be classified as a research chemical. Research chemicals are completely legal to buy and sell online and over-the-counter, as long as they are being marketed as research products for laboratory use only and not for human consumption.

Exploring the legal framework surrounding RAD-140 unveils its classification as a research chemical, emphasizing its legitimacy for research purposes. Noteworthy concepts such as testosterone replacement therapy, legal alternative, and world anti-doping agency play pivotal roles in comprehending the contextual regulatory environment that governs RAD-140 within the performance enhancement community.

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In the realm of muscle enhancement, RAD-140 distinguishes itself through its selective action on androgen receptors in muscle and bone tissues. Unlike conventional anabolic steroids that lack specificity, RAD-140’s selective approach contributes to its reputation as a safer alternative. The concept of androgen receptor-dependent mechanism is crucial to grasp how RAD-140 promotes muscle growth without the widespread side effects associated with traditional steroids.

Like all SARMs, RAD-140 Testolone works by attaching to the androgen receptor in muscle tissue and bones. There, it stimulates protein synthesis to accelerate muscle growth and bone density. 

This mechanism of action is similar to that of Anabolic Steroids, but the difference is that Anabolic Steroids are not selective and they attach to androgen receptors in all kinds of tissues, whereas SARMs are as selective for muscle and bone mass as possible.

One of the most attractive features of RAD-140, aside from having selectivity, is that it is more anabolic and safer than Testosterone [R].




In the landscape of performance-enhancing substances, pros and cons define the terrain. RAD-140’s exploration of anabolic benefits, muscle gains, and body composition details its prowess in promoting lean muscle mass and addressing concerns related to body fat accumulation.


RAD-140’s mechanism involves stimulating protein synthesis in muscle and bone tissues, promoting muscle growth, and enhancing bone density. The dynamic relationship between anabolic steroids, lean body mass, and testosterone deficiency provides a comparative context, illustrating RAD-140’s effectiveness without the typical adverse effects associated with testosterone therapy.


As with any coin, RAD-140 presents two sides. This section explores testosterone suppression, dyslipidemia, and liver damage, delving into the potential downsides of RAD-140 usage and the necessity for proper management through on-cycle and post-cycle protocols.



The benefits of RAD-140 have turned this research chemical into one of the best performance enhancing drugs and anabolics for beginners and experienced users alike.  Whether one is trying to bulk up, get shredded or heal an injury, RAD-140 is a great option.

Beyond the gym, RAD-140’s benefits extend to realms such as brain health and potential therapeutic applications in conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. Protein synthesis, cell survival, and neurodegenerative diseases weave a narrative of RAD-140’s multifaceted impacts, providing insights into its potential beyond the muscle-building arena.

These are the main benefits of RAD-140:


Testolone is known for its ability to accrue a significant amount of lean muscle mass in short periods of time. It will not add as much weight as something like Ligandrol, but it won’t cause water retention either, meaning that what you gain will be mainly lean muscle mass [R].

The consensus among users of SARMs is that both Ligandrol and Testolone add a similar amount of muscle mass, with the latter being drier and therefore more cosmetically pleasing. The lack of water retention makes Testolone a very versatile compound that can be useful for a lean bulk or a cutting cycle.

Like all SARMs, it will retain and possibly increase muscle mass while on a caloric deficit.


Testolone is famous for its performance enhancing benefits, especially with regards to strength, which you can expect to increase significantly [R].
Some users report increased aggression and impatience when taking Testolone. This can be seen as a negative side-effect outside of the gym, but when working out that aggression translates into better focus and performance.
Users often report increased stamina in the gym, which translates into shorter resting times between sets, more reps, and the ability to train longer than they are used to.


Contrary to what some people claim, Testolone will not help you lose more fat. However, since it is a dry SARM it will make you look leaner and tighter than you really are.
Like all SARMs, it is excellent at keeping muscle mass and even increasing it while on a caloric deficit. Some people see RAD-140 as the more advanced Ostarine alternative for such cycles.


Testolone, like all SARMs, will increase the density and strength of your bones.
It does not appear to have any positive impact on joints and tendons, and it can in fact dry them out. More about that in the RAD-140 Side-Effects section.


It has been proven to be effective at fighting breast cancer, reducing prostate size and protecting the brain in rats, so it can potentially do that in humans as well [R].
The fact that it can fight breast cancer has led some people to believe that it may prevent or even reverse gynecomastia (man boobs), since the drugs used to treat this condition were originally designed as breast cancer medications.
Some users have claimed that RAD-140 shrunk their gynecomastia, but we can also find many examples of people who actually got man boobs from it, so take this claim with a grain of salt and do not expect RAD-140 to be gyno-safe.
Regarding the neuroprotective benefits, it was found to prevent neuronal apoptosis (death) in the absence of sufficient Testosterone and Estrogen, so it may be an effective treatment for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease in the elderly [R].


RAD-140 is not side-effect-free. The amazing benefits you just learned about come with some negatives but all of these can be mitigated with the proper on-cycle and post-cycle therapy (PCT) protocols. More on that in a bit!

Dyslipidemia and liver toxicity underscore potential challenges associated with RAD-140 usage. This section explores the impact on cholesterol levels and liver health, emphasizing the need for vigilant monitoring and proactive measures to mitigate these side effects.


Testolone, like all SARMs, will cause a significant drop in your Testosterone levels. Testolone is a moderately suppressive SARM, and proper measures must be taken to manage and reverse this suppression.

As a moderately suppressive SARM, RAD-140’s impact on testosterone levels necessitates strategic management. Understanding SHBG, libido, and testicular atrophy becomes paramount in navigating the nuanced landscape of testosterone suppression and its consequences during and after a RAD-140 cycle.

The consequences of this drop in your testosterone levels can be:
– Decreased libido
– Weaker erections
– Lethargy
– Lack of motivation
– Irritability
– Testicular atrophy
– Testicular pain
The suppression of testosterone levels will be more noticeable during a cycle of Testolone than it will be during a cycle of Ostarine or Andarine. In fact, some users struggle so much with the suppression that they have to cut their cycle short at week 6 or 7. As you can see, it is similar in terms of suppression to Ligandrol, with some people claiming that Testolone is more suppressive others claiming that Ligandrol is worse.
It is worth noting that Testolone, like all SARMs, will decrease your SHBG. This will lead to an increase in your free testosterone levels which usually causes libido, motivation and well-being to improve during the first few weeks of the cycle, until the suppression of the Total Testosterone levels offsets the increase in Free Testosterone [R].


Testolone, like all SARMs, cause dyslipidemia [R]. Your HDL (good) cholesterol will decrease significantly, whereas your LDL (bad) cholesterol will increase.
This side-effect will not manifest itself by impacting the way you feel, so you will have no symptoms. Getting bloodwork at the end of a cycle will show the true impact of the SARM on your lipid panel.


It is unclear how hepatotoxic RAD-140 is because we have anecdotal bloodwork showing elevated liver enzymes, as well as anecdotal bloodwork showing no signs of liver toxicity whatsoever. A recent clinical trial found that RAD-140 does increase liver enzymes.


RAD-140’s impact reaches beyond mere physiological changes, delving into realms such as hair shedding. Understanding the dynamics of this side effect and its potential implications contributes to a nuanced comprehension of RAD-140’s effects on an individual’s physical appearance.

While this side effect can also happen with other SARMs, reports of hair shedding are much more common with RAD.


In addition to hair shedding, RAD-140 introduces the element of increased aggression. Examining the potential connection between heightened aggression and its positive manifestation in the gym provides a good understanding of RAD-140’s impact on both the psychological and physical aspects of an individual. Furthermore, exploring potential links between increased aggression and issues like insomnia sheds light on the complex interplay of RAD-140’s effects on various facets of an individual’s well-being.
As mentioned before, Testolone is known for causing increased aggression, sometimes in the form of irritability or impatience. This is obviously a negative side-effect, but it can be a positive benefit in the gym.
The cause is unknown, some people theorize that it causes hair loss by suppressing SHBG and increasing Free Testosterone and DHT, while others believe that RAD-140 can attach to the androgen receptors in the scalp and cause hair loss directly.


There are some side effects that only happen to an extremely small minority of people.

While some side effects are widely reported, this section addresses rare occurrences such as gynecomastia and insomnia. Acknowledging individual variability in responses to RAD-140 emphasizes the importance of tailored approaches and personalized considerations.



The growth of breast tissue on males. This is an extremely rare side effect that is caused by an imbalance between your estrogen and testosterone levels. Men who have had pubertal gynecomastia are at risk of developing it if they take Testolone.


This is another rare side-effect that some people experience. This one is entirely unpredictable but can be mitigated easily.


SARMs impact everyone differently. You may get the hair loss but your friend may experience faster hair growth.

Understanding the diversity in individual responses, this section introduces strategies for side-effect management during a RAD-140 cycle. Daily dose, long half-life, and clinical nutrition become pivotal in crafting a comprehensive strategy to optimize results while minimizing potential drawbacks.

You will find more information on how to manage and mitigate all these side-effects in the chapter Post-Cycle Therapy.


Managing the side-effects of RAD-140 during a cycle is easier than it seems. Having a clean diet, doing your cardio, avoiding alcohol, taking GW-501516 to lower cholesterol, and sleeping right will help a lot but some rare possible side-effects like man boobs, hair loss and acne require special protocols.
If you are planning to do a RAD-140 cycle and you want to make sure your results are as good as possible while minimizing all side-effects and preventing the nasty side-effects like gynecomastia, erectile dysfunction, and hair-loss, you need to read THE SARM HANDBOOK by @enhancedinfo.
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In clinical trials, the RAD-140 dose used was 1mg/kg a day. Bodybuilders use anywhere from 10mg to 30mg a day but the sweetspot that most male users prefer is 20mg a day. 

Some users have tried doses of up to 50mg a day but the benefits don’t seem to get any better past 30mg a day and only the side-effects increase, so high doses of RAD-140 seem to cause diminishing returns.

Female users can get amazing results with as little as 10mg a day and they should never use more than 20mg a day.

RAD-140 does have a half-life around 60 hours which means you technically can use this compound every 2 days. It’s best to experiment for yourself.


RAD-140’s effectiveness hinges on appropriate cycling protocols. Cycle duration, dosage, and post-cycle therapy are explored, providing a roadmap for users to harness the benefits of RAD-140 while safeguarding their overall health and well-being.

The most common RAD-140 cycle consists of 20mg a day, taken for a total of 8 weeks. The shortest RAD-140 cycles are usually around 6 weeks, and the longest ones can last for up to 12 weeks. 

We really believe that 20mg a day for 8 weeks is the best approach to using RAD-140, since it’s a protocol that allows most people to get amazing results without experiencing seriously nasty side-effects. Too much and too long of RAD-140 will cause severe Testosterone suppression which is a painful process to reverse.

These cycles are always followed by a 4 week Post-Cycle Therapy.



Since RAD-140 can suppress testosterone levels to a large extent, we recommend all users to do a Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT) after a RAD-140 cycle to restore natural testosterone levels and ensure the retention of muscle gains, strength and optimal sexual function.

The typical RAD-140 PCT consists of 4 weeks of Clomiphene (Clomid) use. You can learn more about the ideal PCT for SARMs here.

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Providing a comprehensive, yet, short overview, the uniting of body fat loss, athletic performance, and physical gains encapsulates the essence of RAD-140. This conclusive section serves as a summary, delineating the attributes, benefits, and potential considerations of RAD-140, empowering all rats and researchers alike with a thorough understanding of this formidable SARM.

In essence, RAD-140 emerges as a highly effective SARM, capable of fostering substantial muscle mass and strength gains without eliciting an array of adverse side effects. This succinct characterization positions RAD-140 as an optimal choice, particularly suitable for intermediates or seasoned enhanced lifters seeking a milder alternative to steroids while still achieving remarkable results.

For those in the intermediate or advanced stages of their fitness journey, RAD-140 stands out as an excellent option. It offers a balanced approach, delivering impressive muscle and strength gains without the extensive side-effects associated with traditional steroids. This alternative proves beneficial for individuals seeking a milder yet potent solution to enhance their physique and performance.


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